A PERFECT DAY – The Deafening Silence (2016)

A PERFECT DAY - The Deafening Silence (2016) full

A PERFECT DAY, the brainchild of Andrea Cantarelli, guitar player and co-founder of Italian metal band Labyrinth, made its appearance in 2012 with the solid self-titled debut album under the Italian Frontiers Music label. Now 2016 and with a new vocalist, A Perfect Day are releasing their brand new CD “The Deafening Silence” today.

First album included the very talented Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) on vocals and bass and achieved to make an impact to the modern hard rock scene. Roberto left the band two years after the release and he was replaced by Marco Baruffetti, who brought with him a fresh and positive vibe in the A.P.D. camp.
The band states about the new opus: “We are extremely excited about the release of this new album. We worked very hard for more than two years, trying to keep intact the stylistic stamp that marked our debut album whilst evolving in multiple directions.
The songs are in-your-face, the melodies are immediately able to capture the listener’s attention and the extremely diverse sound will surely attract a wide and diverse audience.”

Mostly, the new album picks up where the first left off, with APD’s hybrid of melodic hard rock and modern metal. A Perfect Day’s sound has several signatures. One is an abundance of melody, the kind your ears can focus on and connect to.
They’re mostly found in the guitar harmony and vocals, which is the second signature piece. APD has always had a vocalist who sings clean with a melodic style, but also with some passion. Baruffetti has these things, yet often has to compete for your attention with the music.
A third signature is simply Andrea Cantarelli deft and fiery guitar work. His harmonious riffage is stoked to flames with his thrilling lead solos.

After an intense intro, it comes the real thing; “A New Dawn” which opens this new effort is simply excellent. The ‘in-your-face’ heavy riffing (but 100% clean) grabs you at once and Marco’s powerful vocals proves that this band is back for good.
“My Lonely Island” is pure magic; a true modern rock gem with a haunting melody that leaves you breathless. One of the best tracks that I’ve heard this year. “In The Name Of God” includes a heavy riff, solid arrangements, a darker vibe but it’s filled with another clever melody.

But A Perfect Day is not all about heaviness or one-dimension songs. These are well-crafted compositions with a beginning, middle and end, emphasizing each part with a distinctive arrangement.
A good example is “The Fooling Glass”, from the sweet acoustic guitar start to the infectious melody, from the fine vocal harmonies to masterful solos, and several of them.
Another is the anthem-like “The Age Of Innocence” where the guitar nearly takes a back seat to the smooth flow of the song, it’s bass line, and Baruffetti’s vocals. Yet the solo, when it comes, is stirring.

Title track “The Deafening Silence” is yet another superb song; the melancholic vibe along with the heavy guitars and Baruffetti’s heart-full performances turns this one another highlight.
“Turning Back To You” the band shows its more radio-friendly side, but even here the song has well differentiated sections and wise arrangements.

A PERFECT DAY - The Deafening Silence (2016) inside

I know many will skip “The Deafening Silence” due to A Perfect Day’s modern rock tag. You’ll be committing a big mistake.
A Perfect Day has a really modern sound, yes, but musically this is elaborated, clever, melodic and catchy Rock music. In structure, the songs in “The Deafening Silence” have nothing in common with cheap modern radio rock. There is not tuned down guitars here, on the contrary, the riffs are sharp and dynamic in a true hard rock vein.

“The Deafening Silence” is a refreshing, different and truly good album plenty of melodies but also originality. It’s even better than A Perfect Day’s debut. Creative, great sounding songs delivered by first-class talented musicians.
Strongly Recommended.

01 – Intro: The Silent Prayer
02 – A New Dawn
03 – My Lonely Island
04 – The Age of Innocence
05 – In the Name of God
06 – Before Your Eyes
07 – The Deafening Silence
08 – Angel
09 – Mission: Annihilation
10 – The Fooling Glass
11 – Turning Back to You

Marco Baruffetti – Vocals
Andrea Cantarelli – Guitars
Gigi Andreone – Bass
Alessandro Bissa – Ddrums


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