WONDERWORLD - II (2016) full

Formed by the permanent backing band for Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep), WONDERWORLD are back with their second effort simply titled “II” to be released tomorrow.
The power trio consisting of Italian shouter Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) and Norwegians Ken Ingwersen (Street Legal) / Tom Fossheim (Live Fire) surprised two years ago with their self-titled debut plenty of hard rocking melodies, and now after more than 18 months on the road return with a another slice of classic stuff.

The new opus kicks-off with the bluesy straight forward hard rocker “Forever Is A Lie”. This is a great track all the way that includes Tiranti’s deep and emotional vocals, Ken Ingwersen’s brilliant guitar licks and great classy arrangements. Ken’s guitar really smokes here (and all over the album).
But wait… the following tracks are even better.

Over “Remember My Words” the band put more groove in a Burning Rain / Doug Aldrich vein, while in “It’s Not Over Yet” we are dealing with a terrific ballad plenty of magic with a superb Tiranti vocal performance. A highlight.

With some elements recalling the great first Hardline, “Elements” rocks with an early ’90s Melodic Hard Rock vibe and that kind of substance we all love. Another highlight.
The classy moments don’t stop here; check out also the amazing “Echo Of My Thoughts” (the suave guitar work is excellent), “Evil In Disguise” brings to mind Hurricane and all their punch, then the epic slow-burner “Memories” delivers deep tones in a Whitesnake / Badlands style.
All really, really superb stuff.

WONDERWORLD - II (2016) inside

If the first album was an outstanding debut, wait to listen “Wonderworld II”. Simply a stunning record from start to finish, no weak tracks in sight.
An album full of great and inspired guitar work, amazing vocal performances thanks to the very talented Roberto Tiranti, great arrangements and, most of all, terrific classic Hard Rock tracks that touch your soul. They don’t make records like this anymore.
Fans of Winery Dogs, Whitesnake, Badlands, Ray Gillen, Hurricane and even Mr. Big need to check this record NOW.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Forever Is A Lie
02 – Remember My Words
03 – Elements
04 – It´s Not Over Yet
05 – Echo Of My Thoughts
06 – Evil In Disguise
07 – Return To Life
08 – Memories
09 – In The End
10 – Down The Line

Roberto Tiranti – Vocals, Bass
Ken Ingwersen – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tom Arne Fossheim – Drums


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