TONY PATTERSON – Equations Of Meaning (2016)

TONY PATTERSON - Equations Of Meaning (2016) full

European label Esoteric Antenna is releasing today the new album by TONY PATTERSON, “Equations of Meaning“, his fifth solo release. Tony is a solo artist/musician from the North East of England, best known as the singer with the UK Genesis tribute act ReGenesis, he has also recorded four previous solo albums as well as working for TV and short film.

Tony Patterson plays various instruments as well, but on “Equations of Meaning” is helped by various talented colleagues such as Nick Magnus (Steve Hackett Band), Andy Gray providing a guitar solo, Brendan Eyre (Riversea) on keyboards and more.
The music in “Equations of Meaning” is soft progressive rock, melodic and plenty of textures, with some atmospheric passages.
It’s inspired by the great names of the genre, but the overall sound and production is very modern.

The disc begins with the elegant ‘Ghosts’, a delightful piece of music that leaves you in mind of elysian fields with the gentle acoustic guitar and ethereal keyboards. A really pensive guitar note then takes up the reins, thoughtful, intent and precise as it dances across your mind.
Nick Magnus adds his programming skills to ‘The Magdalene Fields’, a track that opens with a really delicate introduction before Tony’s gentle vocal takes centre stage. A song that seems to meander along, there is no fast lane in operation here, time is taken to relax and the ghostly aura puts you in a state of grace. The heavenly chorus is quite sublime in its subtle delivery.

TONY PATTERSON - Equations Of Meaning (2016) inside

‘Each Day a Colour (A Dreamer’s Dream)’ sees Magnus take on occasional keyboard duties alongside Patterson and is another graceful, exquisite track. There is a soothing and reassuring tone to Tony’s voice that gives it a really hypnotic air.
‘The Angel and The Dreamer’ it’s divided in 3 parts i) Vision / ii) Journey / iii) Reprise, being the most prog piece of the album, yet very light in The Alan Parsons Project vein. It’s a mysterious composition plenty of intriguing moments.

‘Sycophant’ it’s like a homage to James Bond, I’m sure John Barry would give a knowing nod as the introduction begins. It really is classy as the strings begin before it heads off in a more funky direction with the edgy keyboards.
Tony’s long time writing partner and friend Brendan Eyre co-wrote the piano based instrumental ‘As The Lights Go Out’ and it is a little gem of a song. Brendan’s piano has an unseen depth to it that grabs your heart and soul and pulls you in, it is so beautiful it almost brings tears of joy, tinged with a small hint of nostalgic sadness.

Closer ‘The Kindest Eyes’ is one of the highlights. Tony’s voice is dreamy here, with Nick Magnus once again providing the inventive synth programming and the superb guitar fills. There’s a highly emotive guitar solo delivered by the outrageously talented Adrian Jones just lift it to another level.

TONY PATTERSON - Equations Of Meaning (2016) back

To get the utmost from “Equations of Meaning” you must listen to it from start to finish, preferably with headphones on, in a darkened room and with your choice of relaxing beverage.
It’s a relaxing record of melodic prog with some Steven Wilson, Alan Parsons, Floyd etc. on it, but Tony Patterson craft his atmospheres in a much more accessible mould and with an own personality.

01 – Ghosts
02 – The Magdalene Fields
03 – Each Day a Colour
04 – Cast Away
05 – The Angel & The Dreamer
06 – Beneath a Perfect Sky
07 – Sycophant
08 – And When the Sky Was Opened
09 – Pilgrim
10 – As the Lights Go Out
11 – The Kindest Eyes

Tony Patterson: vocals, keyboards, guitars, orchestrations, piano, programming
Brendan Eyre (Nine Stones Close, Riversea): piano (10)
Nick Magnus (Steve Hackett): keyboards and programming
Andy Gray: guitar solo (7)
Adrian Jones (Nine Stones Close): slide guitar and guitar solo (11)
Doug Melbourne: mopho synth solo (5)
Siobhan Magnus: vocals (5)
Fred Arlington: horn and sax (9), sax (2), horn (5)


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