SHINETH – The Naked Truth (2016)

SHINETH - The Naked Truth (2016) full

I’m sure Melodic Rock rabid fans know well SHINETH, the Swedish two-man band featuring Miss Behaviour vocalist Sebastian Roos and drummer Anders Berlin who are releasing their third album “The Naked Truth“.
Shineth was formed in 2002 and after two solid records both musicians joined Miss Behaviour (which last album is one of the best Melodic Rock / AOR appeared in recent time) not a surprise at all as these guys write & play music in the best tradition of the genre with that unmistakable Scandinavian flavor.

In Shineth, Roos & Berlin find room to expand their melodic rock with some poppy elements but also a harder approach at places.
After the slightly dark opening title track which reminds me Nelson’s Imaginator era, ‘Good Reason’ shows in full potential what these guys are capable of: this is a feel-good, jumpin’ melodic rocker with spark keyboards, layered vocal harmonies and a happy chorus.
If I have to make a comparison, Shineth’s style and sound should be the Swedish answer to Stage Dolls.

But Shineth also has more meaty tracks such as the excellent ‘By My Side’ that somehow reminds me Robby Valentine, then on the groovier ‘I Get High’ they sound like Two Of A Kind (the Swedish combo with an album on Frontiers Music years ago).

More melodic bliss is heard on the Scandi-AOR of ‘Over The Top’ (plenty of synths), ‘Black Heart’ (with some Terra Nova on it), the extremely melodic & poppy ‘Surprise’ (akin Valensia) and the semi-power ballad ‘Sweet Mary’.
More Nelson come to the fore, but this time their early years sound with the sweet acoustic ‘Mrs. Monday’, and later ‘Thank You For Leaving Me’.

SHINETH - The Naked Truth (2016) inside

“The Naked Truth” is an extremely melodic album from Shineth, varied in songwriting but always revolving around true Scandinavian Melodic Rock in its lighter side.
Production is really good, pristine and organic, as well the musicianship and the perfectly arranged harmony vocals.
Take a look at the influences mentioned here: Stage Dolls, Terra Nova, Nelson, Valensia / Robby Valentine (in their more commercial side), and the underrated (and pretty unknown) Aquila.
The album is being released by themselves… why Shineth remains unsigned is beyond me.
Highly Recommended.

01 – The Naked Truth
02 – Good Reason
03 – By My Side
04 – I Get High
05 – Over The Top
06 – Under My Skin
07 – Black Heart
08 – Mrs. Monday
09 – Thank You For Leaving Me
10 – So You Said
11 – Surprise
12 – This Time
13 – On With The Show
14 – Sweet Mary

Sebastian Roos – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Anders Berlin – Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Harmony Vocals


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