RICK SPRINGFIELD – Rocket Science +1 (2016)

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Rocket Science (2016) full

RICK SPRINGFIELD never disappoints… “Rocket Science“, his new album to be released by Frontiers Music tomorrow is another proof of his chameleonic talent. He never made the same album twice, and while here his music is more eclectic than ever, Rick continues his career renaissance with a stupendous new album in “Rocket Science”.

“Rocket Science” makes clear that Springfield can continue walking on this successful road made out of catchy rock tunes.
The first song that has released as advance (already featured on the blog) was “Light This Party Up” which is the opener of the new disc. The start couldn’t have been chosen much better, since this rockin’ melodic tune will light up every party.

“Down” follows. Number two on the tracklist is tasty rock song that is catchy but not cheesy. Springfield finds the right mixture to keep his cut true and authentic, something that’s reflected already in the opening double.
One of the coolest tracks on “Rocket Science” got the title “Miss Mayhem”. Starting slow and easy the song fits somewhere between melodic rock, blues and country. It’s a number that sticks out from the rest which makes it really special. However, it still fits into the context of this longplayer and is 100% Rick Springfield.

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Rocket Science (2016) inside

“Pay It Forward” is melodic pop perfection. Unbelievably catchy and driven by steel guitar, banjos and violins, the country themed pop rocker is brilliant. Impossible not to sing along to.
“All Hands On Deck” is simply and extraordinary song and one of Rick’s fastest moving and catchiest songs ever. It is unlike anything he has ever recorded before.

“Rocket Science” comes also with some slower songs of which “Found” is the best one. Pure clean vocals and there’s another impossibly catchy hook. The song is every bit as essential as any other track here. It’s not a slow ballad by at stretch and features a full rounded chorus.
The bonus tracks exclusive to the digital purchase is “Beautiful Inside”, a lovely midtempo melodic rocker much in the vein of Rick’s last album, solid and organic.

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Rocket Science (2016) back

“Rocket Science” is the right album for Rick Springfield fans and everybody that was disappointed by Bon Jovi’s latest releases. Excellent melodic rock with an a strong American vibe and a positive vibe – that’s Springfield’s newest album. A great teaser for the summertime.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Light This Party Up
02 – Down
03 – That One
04 – The Best Damn Thing
05 – Miss Mayhem
06 – Pay It Forward
07 – Found
08 – Crowded Solitude
09 – Let Me In
10 – All Hands on Deck
11 – We Connect
12 – (I Wish I Had A) Concrete Heart
13 – Earth to Angel
14 – Beautiful Inside [exclusive digital bonus track]

Lead Vocals, Guitars: Rick Springfield
Guitars: George Nastos, George Bernhardt, Tim Pierce
Bass and Background Vocals: Matt Bissonette
Drums and percussion: Jorge Palacios
Mandolins, Acoustic Guitar: George Doering
Keyboards: Jim Cox
Additional Background Vocals: Robbie Wyckoff, Windy Wagner
Background Gang Vocals: Chariya and Josh Bissonette, Brandon Mgee and Buddy the dog


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