REO SPEEDWAGON – Hi Infidelity [30th Anniversary Japan DSD Remastering 2CD]

REO SPEEDWAGON - Hi Infidelity [30th Anniversary Japan DSD Remastering 2CD] full

“Hi Infidelity” is the most successful album in REO SPEEDWAGON‘s career peaking at #1 on the charts and becoming the biggest selling rock LP of 1981, eventually selling over ten million copies. It was the Billboard 200 number 1 album for fifteen weeks, spawning six Top 10 singles.
This Japanese “Hi Infidelity 30th Anniversary Edition DSD Remastering” including a bonus CD of previously unreleased material, is, in short, A Must Have.

In “Hi Infidelity” REO Speedwagon takes you on an audio tour of the soul, from moments of joy to feelings of heartbreak that every listener could identify with. All of the tracks on “Hi Infidelity” connect with the listener on a personal level, which is why this album is just as great now as it was 30 years ago when it was first heard on the airwaves and ruled FM Radio.
It’s useless to describe track by track of this terrific album. It’s a classic, and surely you already have a copy of “Hi Infidelity”.

REO SPEEDWAGON - Hi Infidelity [30th Anniversary Japan DSD Remastering 2CD] booklet

So what’s the reason to buy this set? Many.
First of all, the second CD “The Crystal Demos”, a collection of the early takes on these marvelous songs. The sound quality is amazing and the arrangements aren’t the same, with a strong rockin’ edge, and most of the songs being recorded in one take.
The instrumental version of “Shakin’ It Loose” stands out, as it pulls you into every note, and you find yourself just tapping your foot in time.

Second reason: here you have this Classic album in all its glory. If you’re skeptical about the sound of this set, go ahead, take a single listen, and then tell me.
I’ve compared the audio quality with the 2000 remastered version, and trust me, this Japanese DSD Remastering blows the previous one out of the water with its rich dynamics. This edition sounds crisp, detailed and perfectly balanced, a real audiophile’s dream.

REO SPEEDWAGON - Hi Infidelity [30th Anniversary Japan DSD Remastering 2CD] back

If you’re a fan of this album, or classy US Melodic Rock, “Hi Infidelity 30th Anniversary Japan DSD Remastering” will make you smile as though you’re hearing it again for the first time.
A Must Have.

Sony Music Japan ~ EICP-1492/3
REOスピードワゴン 『禁じられた夜 (30周年記念エディション)』

CD 1: Hi Infidelity DSD remastered
01 – Don’t Let Him Go
02 – Keep On Loving You
03 – Follow My Heart
04 – In Your Letter
05 – Take It On The Run
06 – Tough Guys
07 – Out of Season
08 – Shakin’ It Loose
09 – Someone Tonight
10 – I Wish You Were There

CD 2: Crystal Demos – Previously Unreleased
01 – Someone Tonight
02 – Tough Guys
03 – In Your Letter
04 – Follow My Heart
05 – Take It On The Run
06 – Don’t Let Him Go
07 – Keep On Loving You
08 – Shakin’ It Loose (Instrumental)
09 – I Wish You Were There

Kevin Cronin – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Gary Richrath – guitars, vocals
Neal Doughty – hammond organ, keyboards, piano
Bruce Hall – bass, vocals
Alan Gratzer – drums


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