REDEMPTION – The Art Of Loss (2016)

REDEMPTION - The Art Of Loss (2016) full

Founded by multi-instrumentalist Nick Van Dyk, REDEMPTION has been developing a very interesting classic prog-metal blend for many years. After a long hiatus, the band, which includes great vocalist Ray Alder (Fates Warning) returns with the new CD “The Art Of Loss“, featuring contributions by the likes of Marty Friedman, Chris Poland (ex-Megadeth), John Bush (Armored Saint) and many others.

Redemption delivers classic prog metal, elaborated yet melodic and quite accessible compositions laced with mood shifts and lots of tonal changes. “The Art Of Loss” goes for the instrumental wizardry of Dream Theater and alike topped off by mesmerizing vocal melodies.
Spangly guitar lines, solos of shredding, and clusters of keyboards all operate nicely with cuts here and there running crescendos.
Among the most compelling moments there’s “Hope Dies Last”, a 10-minute epic that stood out to me on the first listen, featuring Van Dyk’s keyboard wizardry in its fullest form.
There are quite a few tempo shifts on some of the tracks, and among this sonic landscape, “That Golden Light” is a straightforward, mid-tempo affair.

“Thirty Silver” is your prog metal mosh-friendly number with handy shred work by Van Dyk, while “Damaged” features the guitar virtuosity of Marty Friedman as a healthy contributor.
“Slouching Towards Bethlehem” excels with a King X-ish groove with Ray Alder delivering an exemplary performance recalling his finest Fates Warning works.
Another track that is worthy of a special mention is the 22-minute juggernaut, “At Days End”, that has so much going on that it’s almost as if you’ve taken a trip back to the ’80s. It’s got some pop influences, heavily layered keyboard work, and some nifty orchestration.

REDEMPTION - The Art Of Loss (2016) inside

“The Art Of Loss” is pure prog metal inspired in the classic style / sounds of the genre, pretty much in its ’80s / ’90s waves. Redemption could sound crunchy at times, but most of the material is really melodic and crystal clear as a polished diamond.
The best comparison could be early Dream Theater, but also influences from bands like Kansas and Yes can permeate into the writing fabric of Redemption to give birth to a solid album. Production (handled by the great Tommy Hansen) as the playing & musicianship, is extremely polished.
Highly enjoyable record.

01 – The Art of Loss
02 – Slouching Towards Bethlehem
03 – Damaged
04 – Hope Dies Last
05 – That Golden Light
06 – Thirty Silver
07 – The Center of the Fire
08 – Love Reign O’er Me
09 – At Day’s End

Ray Alder (Fates Warning) – vocals
Nicolas van Dyk – guitars, keyboards, synths
Bernie Versailles – guitars
Sean Andrews – bass
Chris Quirarte – drums
Marty Friedman – guitar
Chris Poland (ex Megadeth) – guitar
Chris Broderick (ex Megadeth) – guitar
Simone Mularoni (DGM – guitar)
John Bush (Armored Saint) – vocals


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