MARTIN BRILEY – One Night With A Stranger [Yesterrock remaster]

MARTIN BRILEY - One Night With A Stranger [Yesterrock remaster] full

Highly appreciated by ’80s AOR fans, second album by English singer-songwriter MARTIN BRILEYOne Night With A Stranger” become a collectors piece over the years being sold for a little fortune at auction sites. Fortunately, YesterRock not only made it available again, but also with a superb remastering job.

Briley played with everyone back then in the Seventies and early Eighties. Mostly a guitarist out of the Mick Ronson / Ian Hunter clan, he was also a bassist, singer, arranger, etc. Later, he surely made more money collaborating with less interesting (but remunerative) artists like Celine Dion.
But “One Night With A Stranger”, originally issued in 1983, is a beautiful AOR product from the era full of tinkling keyboards, melodic guitars and smooth vocals.

You can’t go wrong with titles like the MTV hit “The Salt in My Tears” (No. 36 on the Billboard Hot 100), the mid-tempo AOR wonder of “Just a Mile Away”, the elegant ballad “Maybe I’ve Waited Too Long”, and the the slightly new wave oriented “Put Your Hands on the Screen” (another little hit).
“A Rainy Day in New York City” is the melodic rock piece on the album, “I Wonder What She Thinks of Me” has a hooky radio-rock feel typical of the time, same for the title track, while “Dumb Love” adds quirky synths to its poppy nature.

MARTIN BRILEY - One Night With A Stranger [Yesterrock remaster] back

With an excellent production – enhanced by the pristine YesterRock remaster – lovely songs, very good musicianship (Mr. Mister’s Pat Mastelotto play drums & percussion), and fantastic artwork (considered among the best in rock history), “One Night With A Stranger” is a charming ’80s record for all fans of the era.

01 – Salt in My Tears
02 – Just a Mile Away
03 – Put Your Hands on the Screen
04 – Maybe I’ve Waited Too Long
05 – She’s So Flexible
06 – A Rainy Day in New York City
07 – I Wonder What She Thinks of Me
08 – Dumb Love
09 – One Night With a Stranger

Martin Briley – vocals, guitars, piano, Hammond organ
Jamie Herndon – guitar, synthesizer
Robin Sylvester – bass
Pat Mastelotto (Mr. Mister) – drums, percussion
George Meyer – backing vocals


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