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This one was pointed out by a reader in a comment: “Rise“, the last album by Swansea (Wales) outfit KANE’D. Fronted by sisters Stephanie, Stacey and Chez Kane (yeah, 3 vocalists) whom provide passionate vocals and complex rocking harmonies, Kane’d it’s as if modern day Skid Row, Halestorm and Robin Beck met on a dark night and, after the consummation, they produced a frizzy six-headed chimera.

The 3 girls create a very complete vocal palette indeed, whilst the demon in the machine is lead guitarist Harry Scott Elliott (he recently jammed with Tony Iommi on the Sky Arts TV show ‘Guitar Star’.) The line-up is completed by super-bassist Alex Rees and confident drummer George Elliot.

‘Hero’ is a great choice to start a the album. This song fizzes like a bath-bomb and brings treasure to your heart with its sing along chorus, while slamming guitar flutters as it curls.
‘La Di Da’ is the more commercial track on the CD.The bass beats make regular incursions deep into the fissures. The riff perforates all the edges. But it’s those mad La Di Da’s during the chorus performed by the 3 ladies that you will focus your attention upon. Well that is… Until, that lead guitar breaks free like a beast released from chains. Then the fireworks really begin!

KANE'D - Rise (2015) inside

‘Covered in Roses’ is unwavering. It’s all about harmonies and riffs, and they are never in short supply on this strong hearted ballad.
‘Guilty Of Nothing’ is another commercial tune yet with a hard hitting instrumentation, then the heavy ‘Love Her Madly’ has a classic melodic hard rock skeleton adorned with keyboards but the sonics are modern and fresh.

‘3-2-1’ demonstrates how dangerous those front-row girls can be. Because they are out to grab you. If you are not careful, they will come sprinting after you. This is fun rock ‘n roll with exciting licks, pounding drums and a muscular, vulgar riff that suits the overall mood entirely.
The last track ‘Rise’ has evocative chords. It slices deeper than a dagger in the heart. Filled with emotional pain, this is, however, uncommonly enlivening and undeniably attractive.

KANE'D - Rise (2015) back

“Rise” is vibrant, powerful and encouraging classic female fronted hard rock painted with a modern sound. I can see (and hear) why Robin Beck is the manager of Kane’d… on many places the songs here sound like Beck’s last work. But more ‘edgy’ for sure.
This band proudly flaunts rare verve, and, clearly, they possess undeniable harmonic tension, delivering greatly arranged multi-part vocals, mature songwriting, killer guitar riffs and a strong, punchy production.
Strongly Recommended.

01 – Hero
02 – La Di Da [Explicit]
03 – Covered In Roses
04 – Guilty Of Nothing
05 – Wasted
06 – Love Her Madly [Explicit]
07 – Watch Me
08 – Frozen
09 – 3-2-1
10 – Rise

Stephanie, Stacey and Chez Kane: vocals
Harry Scott Elliott: guitars
Alex Rees: bass
George Elliott: drums


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