BLACK SABBATH – The End [Limited Edition Tour Exclusive CD] (2016)

BLACK SABBATH - The End [Limited Edition Tour Exclusive CD] (2016) full

With BLACK SABBATH’s 2016 THE END Tour launched past week, comes exciting news about a new Special Limited Edition CD, “The End” to be sold exclusively at shows on the legendary band’s massive worldwide final tour.

Featuring original artwork by Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant (inspired in the very first Black Sabbath album), the CD is comprised of 8 previously unreleased tracks: four songs are outtakes from Black Sabbath’s worldwide #1, Grammy Award-winning album ’13’, and four live songs from the band’s critically acclaimed 13 World Tour.
The CD features Ozzy Osbourne (Vocals), Tony Iommi (Guitar) and Geezer Butler (Bass), along with Brad Wilk (Drums) on tracks 1-4, Tommy Clufetos (Drums) on tracks 5-8, and Adam Wakeman (Keyboards) on tracks 5-8.

The studio tracks 1-4 were recorded at Shangri La Studios in Malibu, CA and produced by Rick Rubin, mixed by Andrew Scheps at Punkerpad West and recorded by Greg Fidelman.
Geezer Butler said: “We went into the studio with 13 songs, which is why the album is called ’13’, but then when we were recording, we wrote another three songs, which brought it up to 16 songs, and then we left it up to [producer] Rick Rubin to pick which songs would go on the album.
And then we had the four left over and that’s what we decided to do as a gig-only CD.”

BLACK SABBATH - The End [Limited Edition Tour Exclusive CD] (2016) inside

So if you enjoyed Black Sabbath’s final full length album ’13’, this “The End” is must have, as the studio songs were recorded during the same sessions.
Also, “The End” is a collectors piece, as it only will be be available at the band shows.

1. Season of the Dead
2. Cry All Night
3. Take Me Home
4. Isolated Man
5. God is Dead? (Live Sydney, Australia 4.27.13)
6. Under the Sun (Live Auckland, New Zealand 4.20.13)
7. End of the Beginning (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4.11.14)
8. Age of Reason (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4.11.14)

Ozzy Osbourne (Vocals)
Tony Iommi (Guitar)
Geezer Butler (Bass)
Brad Wilk, Tommy Clufetos (Drums)
Adam Wakeman (Keyboards)

*sold exclusively at shows*

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