ZINGO – Zingo [previously unreleased] (2016)

ZINGO - Zingo [previously unreleased] (2016) full

Next January 19, 2016 will see the release for the very first time of all the long lost recordings of Canadian rockers ZINGO, a Pacific Northwest band which deserved better luck.

Zingo was formed in Vancouver, Canada, in the early ’70s by three friends; shouter Vince Nardulli, guitarist Dave Skinner, and drummer Frank Dato, who grew up and played together through their high school years.
After adding Keith Scott on guitar (who went on to record & tour with Bryan Adams to this day) and Joe Alvaro on bass, the third version of Zingo became the notable lineup that recorded songs that ultimately became the album released here.

The group played hundreds of nights per year in Vancouver clubs on the same circuit as acts such as Heart, Trooper and Bachman Turner Overdrive. Zingo then started writing, performing and recording original material which led to arena shows with international recording artists such as The Beach Boys, John Lee Hooker, Canned Heat and Brownsville Station among others.

All this buzz resulted in the band being managed by Bruce Allen (who later when on to handle the career of Bryan Adams, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Prism, etc), with Zingo eventually signing a record deal with Harbour Records from (England) and releasing a single in Europe.
Produced by John Schroeder (Status Quo) and recorded at the world famous Little Mountain Studios, the single was featured in the notorious, now legendary Munich’s Hardest Hits classic rock radio show.

A full length album was in the making, but as happened with many good bands, troubles between recording companies at both sides of the Atlantic ocean lead to Zingo losing their contract.
Zingo were known to be dynamic performers who loved to rock on stage but also were accomplished players, experimenting in many different styles, always with a strong melodic rock focus in mind.
This blend of showmanship and musicianship combined with well-crafted songs made them a very popular band, remembered to this day by Canadian fans and beyond.

Now, all Zingo’s recorded material is finally being released to a worldwide audience that has shown great interest in this very unique and talented group.
After a Bryan Adams concert in 2010, Keith Scott (Zingo and Bryan’s guitar player) was asked what had happened to all the recordings Zingo had done before he joined Adams’ band.
He hadn’t a clue, nor did David Skinner, co-founder of the band & the other main songwriter. An archival search of every possible tape vault and engineer / producers ensued & what we have is the record assembled here.

ZINGO - Zingo [previously unreleased] (2016) inside

Some of the songs were remixed after multitracks were found, some from 1/4″ mixes, some from vinyl and some even from cassettes. That explains the varying quality which is pretty good anyway.
Vince Nardulli (the lead singer & great frontman) passed away before his time in 1989, being this release dedicated in his memory. Two new songs were added, ‘Love Of a Dream’ and ‘Backstabber’ sang by Keith Scott & Skinner respectively.
Another very good band rescued from the dust shelf.
Highly Recommended.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – Merry Go Round
02 – You’re For Me
03 – I’m In Love Again
04 – Sailing On
05 – Take Me Back
06 – Venusian Lights
07 – Waiting For A Sign
08 – Fantasy
09 – Woman In Red
10 – Felicity
11 – Love Of A Dream
12 – Backstabber

Vince Nardulli – Lead Vocals, Percussion
Keith Scott – Lead Guitar, Vocals
David Charles Skinner – Guitar, Vocals
Michael Skinner – Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Joe Alvaro – Bass
Frank Dato – Drums
In Memory of Vince Nardulli (RIP)


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