ZANETA – Tales From The Sun (2015)

ZANETA - Tales From The Sun (2015) full

Recently released, “Tales From The Sun“, the debut album by new Italian AOR outfit ZANETA is one of the best CD’s the genre offered recently.
Including in the line-up keyboarder Steff Brusa (ex- EVA), this four piece is totally dedicated to the classic ’80s AOR style of Journey, Survivor, Foreigner, etc, and if you are a sucker for this awesome glossy sound, you MUST own this disc.

Classic ’80s AOR purists will be blown away by Zaneta’s keyboard driven tunes, extremely melodic choruses and overall pristine production.
All perfectly glue between Simone Roman smooth vocals (also providing pumping bass as well), Fabrizio Leo’s sharp melodious guitar solos, Danilo Marinotti steady drums, and of course, Steff Brusa’s awesome ivory work including synths, grand piano, effects and more.

Simply put, ZANETA is the MOST classic ’80s AOR band appeared in recent years.
Do you need more info in this review? I think not: go and buy it with eyes closed…
Mandatory Purchase.

01 – Maryanne
02 – Coming Back
03 – Feel You Now
04 – Stay
05 – I Won’t Cry
06 – Not This Time
07 – All My Life
08 – Saturday
09 – Dream Of Love
10 – Tell Me Why

Simone Roman : Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Fabrizio “Bicio” Leo : Lead Guitars
Steff Brusa : Piano, Keyboards
Danilo Marinotti : Drums


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