PETRA – More Power To Ya [30th Anniversary edition digitally remastered]

PETRA - More Power To Ya [30th Anniversary edition digitally remastered] full

Two classic recordings by PETRA, one of Christian rock’s most awarded and influential bands throughout the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, were reissued some time ago by Star Song Music as special Anniversary Editions, fully digital remastered including bonus tracks.
Requested here on the blog, both truly deserve a place in your Melodic Hard / AOR collection.
Let’s start with the essential “More Power To Ya“.

Considered by Petra fans as the group’s definitive recording from the ’80s, “More Power To Ya” was originally released in 1982 and marked the band’s fifth project. Billboard magazine heralded the collection a “Top Album Pick” and praised the band’s ‘surging music, tough lyrics and effective vocals’.

“More Power To Ya” is where Petra really hit their stride. The potential in their music had been screaming for release from the beginning and occasionally shone through, but this was where it all came together.
Gone were the outdated organ and mini Moog replaced with synthesizers, Louie Weaver breathed new life into the music with his fresh style of drumming, and Greg Volz’s vocals are clear and crisp, melodic.
Production is flawless, and this remaster makes it sound even better.

Musically, “More Power To Ya” is strongly AOR-radio rock oriented with stadium feel choruses. Nearly every track is a stand-out for me.
The opening ‘Stand Up’ gets you fired up for the ride ahead, followed by hooky melodic hard rockers in ‘Second Wind’, ‘Judas Kiss’ and the catchy ‘Let Everything That Has Breath’ among my favorites.
We have a great midtempo AOR in ‘Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows’, then two pretty awesome ballads in the title track and the haunting ‘Road to Zion’.
“All Over Me” is another highlight, an impressive display of Volz’s vocal talent with its multiple key change.

PETRA - More Power To Ya [30th Anniversary edition digitally remastered] back

“More Power To Ya” was a ‘turning-point’ album in Petra’s career, going more mainstream with a commercial arena-ready sound, catchy choruses and lots of keyboards, a style developed around the time by the likes of Journey.
If you always have been pulled off by Petra’s Christian lyrics, it’s time you put your prejudices aside, because “More Power To Ya” is a terrific first half of the ’80s AOR album packing some incredible songs for the genre.
More Power To Ya 30th Anniversary Edition” sounds great in this first time digitally remastered release, offering as plus three bonus tracks.
A Must

01 – Stand Up
02 – Second Wind
03 – More Power to Ya
04 – Judas’ Kiss
05 – Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
06 – Run for the Prize
07 – All Over Me
08 – Let Everything That Hath Breath
09 – Road to Zion
10 – Disciple
11 – Stand Up (live)
12 – Judas’ Kiss (live)
13 – More Power to Ya (live)

Greg X. Volz – lead vocals
Bob Hartman – guitars
Mark Kelly – bass, backing vocals, lead on 10
Louie Weaver – drums
John Milo Slick – keyboards, backing vocals, synthesizer programming and arranging


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