NASTY RATZ – First Bite (2015-2016)

NASTY RATZ - First Bite (2015-2016) full

Musical genres disown frontiers, and this is pretty clear in “First Bite” the debut album of Czech glam / hard rock band NASTY RATZ.
Taking a quick look at the album cover, it’s the kind that really only sleaze type rockers would come up with. And indeed, Nasty Ratz take influence from bands such as Motley Crue, Crashdiet, Shotgun Messiah, etc.

“First Bite” borrows a lot of the best elements from the ’80s sleaze — which is of course a good thing — and you might well think that this album was crafted back during the glory days of hair metal.
The music is kept pretty simple with tasteful catchy riffs, soaring guitar solos and ‘that’ classic slightly nasal lead vocalist.

NASTY RATZ - First Bite  disc

The band rocks most the time with tracks like ‘Love at First Fight’, the speedy ‘Made Of Steel’, ‘If You Really Love Me’ with its infectious guitar riff, cool melody and catchy chorus, the upbeat “Cut You Off” replicating the nastiness of Ratt and the sleaze of LA Guns, or the indeed nasty ‘N.A.S.T.Y.’
Nasty Ratz slow things with the acoustically filled ballad ‘Sharise’ and the midtempo ‘Morning Dreams Come True’ including keyboards / synths and some cellos.

NASTY RATZ - First Bite back

Overall, Nasty Ratz‘s “First Bite” is a good debut for an indie young band. Not ground-breaking at all, this is an album inspired in the classic ’80s sleaze with melodic hard rock touches, and the guys nailed it for the most part.
A band with a really interesting potential.

01 – Love At First Fight
02 – Made Of Steel
03 – I Don’t Wanna Care
04 – Morning Dreams Come True
05 – Snort Me
06 – Angel In Me
07 – N.A.S.T.Y.
08 – I’ll Cut You Off
09 – Sharise
10 – If You Really Love Me

Jake Widow – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, synths
Stevie Gunn – lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards
Tommy Christen – bass, backing vocals, keyboards
Rikki Wild – drums, background vocals
Additional Musicians:
Serpenth (Belphegor) – bass (2, 8)
Barbora Kučerová – violin
Thomas de Balder – violoncello


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