VICIOUS RUMORS – Digital Dictator [remastered Digipak]

VICIOUS RUMORS - Digital Dictator [remastered Digipak] full

Not so long ago we presented here VICIOUS RUMORS self-titled album remastered by Rock Candy, and a reader asked for the band’s previous album “Digital Dictator” also in remastered form.
So here it is the first (and only) official remastered reissue of VICIOUS RUMORS “Digital Dictator” done by original label Shrapnel Records on a deluxe Digipak appeared few years ago.

1987’s “Digital Dictator” is Vicious Rumors second album, and one of the most influential records in the American Metal scene. Stellar guitarist Vinnie Moore already left the band, but you do not miss him at all, as mastermind guitarist Geoff Thorpe and powerhouse vocalist Carl Albert (RIP) put together an album that came to define the Vicious Rumors sound.
This is where the band moved past the Judas Priest-driven style of their debut and incorporated more in the way of metallic riffs, which were obviously a huge part of the San Francisco Bay Area scene at the time.
The result is an album that’s as aggressive as it is powerful, and one with some seriously high-octane metal anthems.

VICIOUS RUMORS - Digital Dictator [remastered Digipak] cd

At that time, as listener, I was fully into melodic rock / AOR, but “Digital Dictator” was – and still is – one of my favorite albums from 1987 and from the American Metal genre.
All songs are a pure blast, but the awesome “Towns On Fire” is the absolute killer; melting riffs, smashing rhythm section and superb lead / harmony vocals on the chorus. All Vicious Rumors members contribute backing vocals on the album, and the result is stupendous.
Also the almost catchy “Lady Took A Chance” is plenty of fantastic grooves, which together with “The Crest” reminds me Black Sabbath’s finest moments with Tony Martin as vocalist.

VICIOUS RUMORS - Digital Dictator [remastered Digipak] back

“Digital Dictator” is a classic American Metal album, highly influential for many acts at both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. If you never heard it, or metal is not your type of thing, give it a chance, this baby seriously Rocks.
If you already love it and have the lovely original LP version, this remastered Digipak is pure gold: the sound quality is awesome.
A Cult Classic.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – Replicant
02 – Digital Dictator
03 – Minute To Kill
04 – Towns On Fire
05 – Lady Took A Chance
06 – Worlds And Machines
07 – The Crest
08 – R.L.H.
09 – Condemned
10 – Out Of The Shadows

Carl Albert – lead vocals
Geoff Thorpe – guitar, background vocals
Mark McGee – guitar, mandolin, background vocals
Dave Starr – bass, background vocals
Larry Howe – drums, background vocals
Dino Alden, John Lavaysse – background vocals


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