URIAH HEEP – Totally Driven (2015)

URIAH HEEP - Totally Driven (2015) full

Legendary British hard rock band URIAH HEEP are releasing “Totally Driven“, a double CD featuring re-recordings of some of their best songs, and marks the first release on the band’s own Uriah Heep Records.
“Totally Driven” was scheduled to be released today November 13, but according to the band’s website it’s being delayed to 4th December 2015. It continues to be possible to pre-order the album via link below.

“Totally Driven” is a bunch of 27 re-records made in 2001 including the hits ‘Lady in Black‘, ‘July Morning‘ and ‘Easy Livin’’, appeared some time ago but mostly for the fans with no distribution.
Now, all the material in “Totally Driven” has been properly mastered and packed in 2 CD, presented on a 6 panel digi-pack with brand new custom artwork (great cover).

Among the classic stuff there’s ‘Lady in Black‘, ‘July Morning‘, ‘Traveller In Time‘ and ‘Easy Livin’’. The new versions provide the necessary production update, more punchy and according to present sonic standards.
The good thing is that the album features the band’s longest running line-up of Mick Box, Lee Kerslake, Phil Lanzon, Bernie Shaw and the late Trevor Bolder. I don’t know you, but I always loved Shaw’s amazing vocals.

URIAH HEEP - Totally Driven (2015) cds photo

You can’t go wrong with Uriah Heep’s classic stuff.
Very well re-recorded, updated to modern times yet retaining that ‘classic rock’ sound, “Totally Driven” is strongly recommended for all lovers of the timeless genre, but specially for young rockers which never (or barely) listened this essential band.

CD 1:
1. Gypsy
2. Traveller In Time
3. Bird Of Prey
4. Sunrise
5. Rain
6. Come Away Melinda
7. Return To Fantasy
8. Look At Yourself
9. Come Back To Me
10. The Easy Road
11. Sweet Freedom
12. Why Did You Go?
13. July Morning
14. Easy Livin’

CD 2:
1. Between Two Worlds
2. Only The Young
3. Different World
4. Love In Silence
5. Blind Eye
6. Wonderworld
7. Stealin’
8. Time Of Revelation
9. Cross That Line
10. More Fool You
11. Universal Wheels
12. The Golden Palace
13. Lady In Black

Mick Box – guitar, vocals
Lee Kerslake – drums, vocals
Trevor Bolder – bass guitar, vocals
Phil Lanzon – keyboards, vocals
Bernie Shaw – lead vocals


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