THE GLORIA STORY – Greetings From Electric Wasteland (2015)

THE GLORIA STORY - Greetings From Electric Wasteland (2015) full

One of the best things about Swedes THE GLORIA STORY is that you can taste the warmth of their music and musicianship from the very first time the ‘play’ button has been pressed. Already presented here on the blog with their previous albums, the band is releasing today November 27 the brand new album “Greetings From Electric Wasteland“.
Or I should say ‘brand old album’ ? Because The Gloria Story are all about old-school Rock and Roll. And that’s not necessary a bad thing, as consistency is laudable when you play fine as these Swedes do.

The Gloria Story have a chosen path and they stick to it on their third album “Greetings From Electric Wasteland”. It’s catchy, melodic retro rock rooted in a Seventies vibe with a hard rock edge.
Once more they hit the studio to do an analog recording of their righteous and rowdy rock n roll. I wouldn’t be surprised if they recorded this album live.
As usual, The Gloria Story songs roar with bristling guitar riffs, razor sharp leads, grooving bass lines, rhythmic thumping drums, and Filip Rapp’s pitched vocals. The energy is palatable as the pace is often up, the individual musical parts gelling with manic assertiveness.

Basically, The Gloria Story is about good times party rock n roll music. Sometimes they twist it up with some novelty as with ‘White Man Blues’ and it’s iconic retro guitar riffs that would make Chubby Checker proud.
Then there’s the uncomplicated pop groove tied to those sharp riffs in ‘Down To The Liquor Store’. For the straight rush of fast forward classic rock, ‘Beast Of A Northern Light’ propels with anxiousness and speed.
Yet there are some calmer moments, at least one, with the lighter ‘Hold Me Tonight’ featuring piano with gang vocals and more of the spry guitar work.

THE GLORIA STORY - Greetings From Electric Wasteland (2015) back

So, is “Greetings From Electric Wasteland” is much different than what The Gloria Story has been doing for these many years? Nope. They just keep getting better at it.
All is more polished in the songwriting department, the songs are more focused, the choruses catchier. Yeah, The Gloria Story could be a new Scandi retro Classic Rock legend in the making.
But keep it simple; they just Rock. And Rock really good.

01 – Beast Of A Northern Light
02 – Bang Bang (Pull The Trigger)
03 – Look Left, Walk Right
04 – Whiteman Blues
05 – Cardinal Sin
06 – Roadtrip
07 – Electric Wasteland
08 – Crusty Pie
09 – Down To The Liquor Store
10 – Hold Me Tonight
11 – I Would Die (If You Wanted)
12 – Thunderchild

Filip Rapp – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Carl Ahlander – Guitar
Jocke Rang – Guitar
Fredrik Axelsson – Bass, Backing Vocals
Henrik Siberg – Drums


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