MAJOR INSTINCT – Roots & Wings (2015)

MAJOR INSTINCT - Roots & Wings (2015) full

The other AOR Heaven Records release this month is “Roots & Wings” the debut album from MAJOR INSTINCT, the new band assembled by B.J. Laneby, bass player & songwriter from Swedish melodic hard rock veterans M.ILL.ION.

After 25 years, seven highly critically acclaimed albums, six figure sales and international touring, Laneby decided to put M.ILL.ION to rest and start something new. The decision was partly sparked after the bassist became very ill and nearly died at the end of their last UK tour (June / July 2014). Major Instinct became reality after several months of intensive care.
The line-up includes Laneby himself on bass, the very good Stefano Marchesini (ex-Human Race) lead vocals, Magnus Mild on guitar, Johan Hall (ex- M.ILL.ION) on drums and 22 year old newcomer Gabriel Glamheden on keyboards and Hammond organ.
In July 2015, the studio sessions took place in the real old-school fashion, with their very own guitarist Magnus Mild acting as the engineer, and with the precious help of Victor Olsson (Saffire) behind the mixing desk, and the ultra experienced guitarist / engineer Martin Kronlund (Love Undercover, Dogface, etc…) taking care of the mastering duties.

The album opens with title track ‘Roots And Wings’ starting off with mellow guitars and keys, gradually building up until the drums kicks in with a searing voice. The great grand organ whilst in the background continues throughout this track.
Next ‘One In A Million’ feels more classic hard rock starts, very classic Whitesnake and Deep Purple kind of sound, something evident throughout much of the album.
‘High Five’ begins with a melodic vocal outburst and settles into a classic sing-a-long anthem. The track features some hot riffs, which will have you picking up that air guitar and reaching for the stars as you belt out “Gimme High Five And Show The World We Can Do It Together”.

Tracks like ‘Don’t Come To Me’ or ‘316’ will leave you humming with its riffage, while ‘I Need A Drink’ and ‘Here And Now’ have the feel of Whitesnake stadium anthems for the early 80s era. Especially the latter delivers great hooks and a sing-a-long chorus. Another great solo here too and there is even room for some ”shoo-whoop-dee-doo-whop”.
‘Eyes From Above’ is the ballad of the album with slower keys and guitars. The track is mixed with really smooth vocals creating a dazed atmosphere, boasting a great solo too. Last cut ‘Mother Of All’ is also slow yet more mid-tempo in a classic rock mould with a grand Hammond organ taking man role while the soulful vocals remind us of what a powerful singer Stefano is.

MAJOR INSTINCT - Roots & Wings (2015) inside

Very classy in the making, “Roots & Wings” blends classic hard rock roots indeed with modern sounds from the genre, mostly coming from the edgy guitar riffs / set-up.
Major Instinct may be a new band but they sound like as if they were together for years. The songwriting is good, well constructed & arranged, and production helps to provide a warm classic vibe.
You can’t go wrong with “Roots & Wings”, it’s all classic hard rock stuff, and it’s all good.
Strongly Recommended.

01 – Roots & Wings
02 – One in a Million
03 – High Five
04 – 316
05 – I Need a Drink
06 – Eyes From Above
07 – Don’t Come to Me
08 – Here and Now
09 – Kicked to the Ground
10 – Follow the Trends
11 – Cold Wind Blows
12 – Mother of All

Stefano Marchesini – Lead Vocals
Magnus Mild – Guitar
Gabriel Glamheden – Keyboards
B.J. Laneby – Bass
Johan Hall – Drums


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