CHASE THE ACE – Hell Yeah! (2015)

CHASE THE ACE - Hell Yeah! (2015) full

On the blog years ago we recommended to keep an eye on CHASE THE ACE, as the band released a promising EP and first full length CD (both featured here). Well, the time for their definitive, most complete work to date is arriving in the form of “Hell Yeah!“, Chase The Ace’s brand new album.

Not in vain prestigious UK recording label Off Yer Rocka (The Quireboys, Screaming Eagles, Bonafide) has signed Chase The Ace for the release / distribution of “Hell Yeah!”. The guys have matured in all aspects; skillful songwriting, excellent playing and a bright production.
Yeah, now Chase The Ace’s love for classic late ’80s American Hard Rock / Glam comes out of the speakers punchier, catchier than ever.

Based in London, the non-stop touring with the likes of LA Guns’ Tracii Guns or Rudy Sarzo Band and soon joining Hardcore Superstar and Michael Monroe on their European Tour, has paid its dividends. Chase The Ace now feels confident, tight, and where there was some flaws in the previous recordings, now it has been polished via strong attention to detail.
Part of this success is the inclusion of new lead guitarist, British-born Dan Parsons. This axeman is on fire and his hot riffs / spiraling solos have provided to Chase The Ace’s sound a new dimension. The guy seriously rocks.

CHASE THE ACE - Hell Yeah! (2015) booklet

Just check the incendiary hard rockers ‘The Stalker’, the melting ‘Set You On Fire’, the kicking title track ‘Hell Yeah!’ or the hair metal vibe of ‘Fortunate Son’… these guys rock with 3-minute songs, straight to the point, with catchy choruses and lots of hooks.
‘Desert Rose’ gives you some rest with a midtempo bringing to mind Shotgun Messiah, but it still rocks, and pretty hard.

More hard rockin’ fun is delivered in spades with ‘Bad Seed’, the groovy ‘Full Throttle’, the brisk of ‘Dead Man Rocking’, and the tongue-in-cheek ‘Still Got It’ (great guitar work). Chase The Ace also does a hot, sleazy version of ZZ Top’s classic ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ which I liked a lot.
Flirting with AOR, although in an acoustic form is closer ‘Running As Fast As I Can (With My Eyes Closed)’, a cool number highlighting Roi Vito Peleg’s vocals.

CHASE THE ACE - Hell Yeah! (2015) cd photo

“Hell Yeah!” is the perfect example of a band growth, as Chase The Ace sounds & feels great on this fresh effort. The songs are strong (all of them), rock like hell and are extremely catchy. Production is really good, bright, punchy, melodic but sharp.
“Hell Yeah!” is a complete, terrific late ’80s influenced US hard rock album in the vein of Trixter, Kix, Warrant, Black ‘N Blue, etc.. you know what I mean. This baby Rocks.
Highly Recommended.

01 – The Stalker
02 – Set You On Fire
03 – Hell Yeah!
04 – Fortunate Son
05 – Desert Rose
06 – Bad Seed
07 – Full Throttle
08 – Dead Man Rocking
09 – Out Of Reach
10 – Sharp Dressed Man
11 – Still Got It
12 – Prisoner In Paradise
13 – Running As Fast As I Can (With My Eyes Closed)

Roi Vito Peleg – Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Dan Parsons – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Yair Gadon – Bass / Backing Vocals
Yam Artzy – Drums / Backing Vocals


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