STRYPER – Fallen (2015)

STRYPER - Fallen (2015) full

Fallen“, the ninth studio album from STRYPER, will be released worldwide tomorrow, Friday, October 16 via Frontiers Music.
The previous album appeared a couple years ago was Stryper’s original line-up in a strong return to form, delivering muscular studio performances of mostly-new material. “Fallen” continues the trend, with Michael Sweet (vocals, guitar), Oz Fox (guitars), Tim Gaines (bass), and Robert Sweet (drums) sounding bolder and more aggressive than ever, both musically and lyrically.
You like Stryper? Well, this is classic Stryper – look no further.

The properly thunderous opening track, ‘Yahweh’, starts with a darkly sounding choral riff with the repetition of ‘Yahweh’ leading into a galloping metal guitar, drums and bass attack with Michael Sweet’s signature scream – and you know immediately that this is Stryper. All of the expected elements follow, including a surprise or two along the way.
Sweet’s vocals are as distinctive as ever but occasionally offer a raspier edge, especially on track 2, the title track ‘Fallen’ where he screams “the end is callin‘”.
‘Big Screen Lies’ also has Michael half singing / half speaking in the middle section of the song.

Next, arrives one of the highlights (among all great tracks) entitled ‘Pride’. The drop tuned guitars help provide a more chunkier sound which has inspiration from their 2005 release ‘Reborn’, but also their ’80s US metal roots. This song rocks bigtime.

STRYPER - Fallen (2015) inside

If you’re looking for the sound you love, yes, ’80s melodic hard rock Stryper, ‘Love You Like I Do’ will fit the bill perfectly. It’s got a big hook, the right amount of backing vocals (like Stryper were known for) and it’s bold like an Autograph tune (remember Turn Up the Radio?). Turn this one up!
If you’re craving for a Stryper ballad (and who isn’t?), you’ll get that in all its glory with ‘All Over Again’, which is lighter-in-the-air perfection without being too soft.
Major props to the band for the brilliant cover of ‘After Forever’. Those that know Black Sabbath will recognise this one… yeah, the supposed ‘satanic’ band composed this blatant Christian song that Geezer Butler wrote about the intelligence and reason to follow and respect Christ. Great cover by the way.

Heavy and kicking, “Fallen” however sounds more polished than anything Stryper released in the last 20 years. Yes, the material is pretty metallic, but production is the kind of super-slick as used to be in the ’80s, and I love it.
The boys have done it again! If you’re into big riffs and glass shattering metal vocals plus ’80s melodies then “Fallen” is the album for you.

01 – Yahweh
02 – Fallen
03 – Pride
04 – Big Screen Lies
05 – Heaven
06 – Love You Like I Do
07 – All Over Again
08 – After Forever
09 – Till I Get What I Need
10 – Let There Be Light
11 – The Calling
12 – King Of Kings

Michael Sweet – vocals, guitars
Robert Sweet – drums, vocals
Tim Gaines – bass guitar
Oz Fox – guitars


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