RADIO EXILE – Radio Exile (2015)

RADIO EXILE - Radio Exile (2015) full

If a couple chastened musicians come together for a project, something beautiful can happen. This is the case with terrific American vocalist Chandler Mogel (Outloud) and keyboard player Charlie Calv (Shotgun Symphony) and their new ambitious project RADIO EXILE, which self-titled debut will appear tomorrow October 23 via AOR Heaven Records.

Initially singer Chandler Mogel and keyboardist Charlie Calv found each other: they wrote all the songs for Radio Exile together. And then they started looking for partners in crime.
That was no problem; they put together the all-star line-up of guitarist Jimmy Leahey (Dennis DeYoung, John Waite, Allison Krauss), legendary bassist Kenny Aaronson (Bob Dylan, Bill Idol, HSAS, etc) and drummer Dave Anthony (Dennis DeYoung, Glen Burtnik).
The project turned into a stable band, and now Radio Exile will tour soon after the release of their debut CD.

Seeing all the musicians involved, you know it’s gonna be good music.
Indeed, Radio Exile plays classic AOR, more specific the delicious melodic hard rock from the ’80s. And even more specific: they play the better kind.
There are 10 tracks in total including the first single ‘No Pity on the Highway’, ‘Higher Than The Sun’ and the epic ‘A Cross On Stone’ featuring Joe Cerisano (Silver Condor, Michael Bolton’s Everybody’s Crazy), Jessie Wagner (Lenny Kravitz, Kid Rock) and Amy Harnell (Tony Harnell and the Mercury Train).
Bugger me, that Mogel can really sing! What a beautiful voice that guy has. It seems like everything about this band and its music is good.

RADIO EXILE - Radio Exile (2015) inside

Excellent musicians, strong compositions and a more than brilliant production handled by Stephen DeAcutis (Vanilla Fudge, Cyndi Lauper) and former City Boy vocalist and veteran A&R man Steve Lunt (from Britney Spears to Jefferson Starship) is what you get from Radio Exile.
Very, highly recommended

01. High Road, High Price
02. Soulfire
03. No Pity On The Highway
04. Feels Like Home
05. Higher Than The Sun
06. Hang On
07. Starting Over
08. Down In A Hole
09. A Cross On Stone
10. Road To Exile

Chandler Mogel (Lead and Backing Vocals)
Jimmy Leahey (Guitars, Backing Vocals)
Charlie Calv (Piano, Keyboards)
Kenny Aaronson (Bass)
Dave Anthony (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals)


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