MAD HORNET – Would You Like Something Fresh? (2015)

MAD HORNET - Would You Like Something Fresh? (2015) full

Hailing from Taranto, Italy, MAD HORNET are releasing their proper debut “Would You Like Something Fresh?“. The group was formed in 2006 and recorded their first effort one year after, locally distributed.

Mad Hornet’s first album received a positive feedback and the band played at several concerts with a highly positive response. In 2009, the band split-up due to internal troubles.
But guitarist Ken Lance (real name Salvatore Destratis), after playing with some Italian artists decided to resurrect Mad Hornet as he wanted to perform his own songs and the genre he’s in love with: melodic hard rock.
In 2013, with the addition of the powerful bass player El Piamba (Alessandro Saracino), who brought ex- bandmates in other project, vocalist Mic Martini (Mimmo Maiorano) and Beats Frank (Francesco Duggento, drums), Mad Hornet was back in business again.

This new Mad Hornet recorded “Would You Like Something Fresh? early this year looking for a label, when Rock promotion agency Atomic Stuff signed them to release and distribute the album.
Mad Hornet sounds like a typical US melodic hard rock band but with a fresh, more modern, approach that’s givin’ the extra flavor to the final result.
Check out the cool “Your Body Talks” with something that recalls back to the late ’80s US hair metal scene or the melodic hard rocker “Blue Blood” that includes a fine sing-a-long chorus and a really good guitar solo.
“Raise ‘n’ Do It” provides hard rock grooves while in “Game Of Death” we are dealing with one of the album’s most elaborated tracks. This is a straight forward commercial rocker that takes no prisoners.

MAD HORNET - Would You Like Something Fresh? (2015) inside

“Would You Like Something Fresh?” is a fine international debut for Mad Hornet. It’s a self-managed / self-produced record and some little things could have been done better, but these guys have crafted a pretty good first album.
Quite strong songs inspired by the late 80’s / early 90’s scene, very good performances, and a singer with all the swagger from the era (which needs to polish some flaws in his vocals but has tons of attitude) are the ingredients to have a good time with “Would You Like Something Fresh?”.

01 – Would You Like Something Fresh?
02 – Your Body Talks
03 – Dyin’ Love
04 – Blue Blood
05 – Free Rock Machine
06 – Game Of Death
07 – Rise ‘n’ Do It
08 – Walking With You (In The Afternoon)
09 – Pink Pants School
10 – What Is Love
11 – Roses Under The Rain

Mic Martini – vocals
Ken Lance – guitars
El Piamba – bass
Beats Frank – drums


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