FAITH HEALER – Back To Zero (2015)

FAITH HEALER - Back To Zero (2015) full

Released today October 16, “Back To Zero” is the debut from Dutch band FAITH HEALER founded by ex Vengeance and Picture (two of the most celebrated Dutch hard rock bands ever) guitarist Peter Bourbon.

With Polish singer Zinny Zalesky at the mic (the guy is some kind of a revelation) Faith Healer delivers traditional hard rock with an European feel spiced by melodic hard rock touches, driven by a great dual guitar work and wonderful solos.
The songs are quite varied with a good head & tail and everything in between, featuring catchy choruses instantly likable.

Faith Healer’s versatility can be heard in the pumping opener ‘Send Me A Sign’, the killer follower ‘Going With the Flow’, the groovy ‘Love is a Crime’, the modern & heavy ‘Grain in the Sand’ (I don’t know why, but remind me Danger Danger) or the beautiful ballad (not the sugary-type) “Keep on Dreaming”, in the vein of Pretty Maids.
On the very good ‘Why Don’t We Go’ the band go for melodic hard rock with a Swedish feel, same with ‘Tell Us Who You Are’, a midtempo rich in atmospheres.

FAITH HEALER - Back To Zero (2015) inside

Faith Healer’s debut “Back To Zero” is one of the (great) surprises of the year, plenty of strong hard rock songs in the best Euro tradition with a hooky guitar work, catchy choruses and a pristine, clear production.
Don’t miss these guys, they are truly good.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Send Me a Sign
02 – Going With the Flow
03 – Love Is a Crime
04 – Grain in the Sand
05 – Mean Machine
06 – Keep On Dreaming
07 – On the Run
08 – Why Don’t We Go
09 – Be My Serpentine
10 – Tell Us Who You Are
11 – B-Ware
12 – Hungry for Rock

Zinny Zalesky – vocals
Peter Bourbon – guitars, backing vocals
Marc Meesters – guitars, backing vocals
Peter Roversen – bass, backing vocals
Dennis Geraads – drums


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