CAL CUFFARO – Memories (2015)

CAL CUFFARO - Memories (2015) full

Based in Windsor, Southwestern Ontario, Canada, CAL CUFFARO is a young singer / songwriter releasing his debut “Memories“.
Cal developed an interest in music at the 3, when his favourite toy was a mini battery operated keyboard and he would fall asleep beside it after hours of playing it on the floor. He then discovered his fathers album collection and turntable which started him on his journey of experiencing many different musical genres.

These albums covered a wide spectrum from Elvis Presley to Dire Straits, Yes to Led Zeppelin. And you can hear Cuffaro’s eclectic influences on “Memories”. His music sounds modern yet pretty classic rock&pop influenced, with progressive touches, Adult Contemporary and more.
The album starts with the instrumental “Intro”, a 3-minute elaborated instrumental piece with fine guitars, synths and an in-crescendo power. Next, “Save Me” is pretty poppy midtempo, but with broken guitar riffs in the background and some classic rock organs.
Cal’s vocals are deep, colorful, with a wide midrange register able to cover many musical styles with ease.

Title track is one of my favorites, developing an ’80s feel with some Glass Tiger on it but much more intense and adding classic rock instrumentation blended with modern arrangements. It’s a very compelling composition, far from the usual heard nowadays.
Another typical Canadian-sounding tune inspired by the Hi-tech era from that country thirty years ago is “Call It What You Want”, also recalling at places The Payola$, The Spoons or Mr. Mister. Same with “The Last Of You”, yet more relaxed.
Basically, Cuffaro is a pianist, and you can hear this on the slow, soulful (not exactly a ballad) “Tomorrow Be There”, and the stripped cover of “Earned It”. Then “A Miserable Ending” returns to rock with a strong guitar base.

Cal Cuffaro not only is a refreshing new voice but also a solid songwriter and performer.
“Memories” sounds very modern but classic at the same time, creating a crossover between modern Adult Contemporary and traditional ’80s inspired rock&pop spiced with little, light progressive touches that could appeal young listeners as well as veteran music lovers.
Still unsigned, Cal Cuffaro is a very, very interesting artist to keep an eye on his future work.

01 – Intro
02 – Save Me
03 – Memories
04 – Call It What You Want
05 – Tomorrow Be There
06 – The Last Of You
07 – A Miserable Ending
08 – Not The Only One
09 – Holy Grail
10 – Earned It
11 – Take Me To Church
12 – Thinking Out Loud


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