7th HEAVEN – The Best 1985-2015 – CD2

7th HEAVEN - The Best 1985-2015 - CD2 full

Melodic rockers 7th HEAVEN – favorites of this blog – are celebrating their 30th anniversary and not only have released a new studio album but also this “The Best 1985-2015“, a double CD including their best feel-good songs.

“The Best 1985-2015” narrows the focus to the best songs of 7th Heaven thirty years of history, chosen by the fans.
Technically speaking this may be the 30th Anniversary of Chicago melodic rock mainstays 7th Heaven – but mention the milestone to founder Richie Hofherr – and it may as well be a passing footnote.
Sure, the band’s performed alongside everyone from Bon Jovi and Kid Rock to Journey, Def Leppard, Cheap Trick, Styx, REO Speedwagon and eons more, but with at least 250 headlining shows on the books every year and a continuously swelling catalogue, there’s simply too much coming down the pipeline to get sidetracked reminiscing about yesterday.

7th HEAVEN - The Best 1985-2015 - CD2 inside

“It’s not necessarily a nostalgic time because our train is still moving at such a fast pace and it’s really blazing right now,” Richie Hofherr said during a late night dinner at the Stonewood Ale House near his home in Schaumburg after playing to more than 10,000 fans at a suburban festival (the same weekend as Riot Fest and Zac Brown Band’s Wrigley Field sell out).
“We prefer not to have to stop and go down that road yet because we’re still on our journey, so I don’t know if I want to reminisce about it. I think our band has more to accomplish before we should be celebrating, you know?”

7th HEAVEN - The Best 1985-2015 - CD1 back

For starters, 7th Heaven’s style is based in simple, instant catchy melodies with a clean, polished sound often compared with Def Leppard. You have very well arranged multi-part harmony vocals and sharp guitar riffs.
“The Best 1985-2015” is a great compendium of 7th Heaven’s history – I really liked the inclusion of tracks form their early material, more ‘hard rock’ if you want – all stuff to enjoy with a smile on the face.
Highly Recommended.


01 – Young And Bulletproof
02 – Once In A Lifetime
03 – Medicated
04 – Living In Danger
05 – Now And Forever
06 – In The City
07 – The One
08 – Undone
09 – Let’s Talk
10 – All In You
11 – War Machine
12 – The Way It Used To Be
13 – While You Dream
14 – Windows
15 – Die For You Die For Me
16 – You Lied
17 – Why You Gotta Be Like That
18 – Separated
19 – Boom
20 – Winning It All
21 – The Time Has Come

Adam Heisler (Lead Vocals)
Keith Semple (Lead Vocals)
Andrew Blake (Lead Vocals)
Tony DiGiulio (Lead Vocals)
Anthony Fedorov (Lead Vocals)
Michael Sean (Lead Vocals)
Richard Hofherr (Lead Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals)
Nick Cox (Guitars / Vocals)
Mark Kennetz (Bass / Vocals)
Mike Mooshey, Dan Miller (Drums)



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