RASPBERRY PARK – At Second Glance (2015)

RASPBERRY PARK - At Second Glance (2015) full


If you have a good thing going, keep it going… Denmark’s RASPBERRY PARK returns with their second album, aptly titled “At Second Glance“, and aptly filled with wonderful melodious songs.
Their debut (presented here) was already a pure melodic rock delight, with “At Second Glance”, there’s good reasons to enjoy them even more.

Yet, curiously, the second time around, I’m thinking; Who do these guys sound like? There’s something familiar about Raspberry Park beyond their first album. Wait for it. They sound like Last Autumn’s Dream.
Much of this observation comes from two things: it’s the combination of Mikkel Bryde’s raspy, yet melodic voice, where he sounds like LAD’s Mikael Erlandsson, and Raspberry’s classic European AOR melodic hard rock sound.
Honestly, Bryde and Erlandsson could have been brothers separated at birth.

RASPBERRY PARK - At Second Glance (2015) inside

But dispensing with that novelty, this album basically rocks, maybe a tad heavier than previously.
Most everything moves at a moderate to swift tempo with groove and rhythm guiding most every song. Then toss in some really dynamic melody and harmony from both guitar and vocals. Catchy lyrical twists grab your ears. “Sleep With The Lights On” is a great example. Then finish things off with copious amounts of blazing guitar solos.

Actually that twin guitar feature is commanding. For instance the riffs and leads rise with authority within “I Won’t Back Down”, “Look My Way” and “Depending On A Miracle”, all definitely melodic hard rockers from the Scandinavian classic school.
There is one ballad in the beautiful “Madeleine”, developed mostly by the vocal arrangements (great harmonies) and subtle keyboards / synths. All these things are wrapped up in the simplicity of AOR accessibility, the arena-ready kind.

RASPBERRY PARK - At Second Glance (2015) back

While their debut was a very good one, Raspberry Park’s “At Second Glance” marks a giant step ahead for this talented five-piece. Solid, well-crafted, and entertaining Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock / AOR.
Premium stuff, very, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

01. Take It Back
02. Spinning Wheel
03. Alive
04. Sleep With The Lights On
05. Depending on A Miracle
06. Getaway
07. Madelaine
08. I Won’t Back Down
09. Free Birds
10. Look My Way

Mikkel Bryde (Vocals, Keyboards)
Jes Kirstein (Guitars)
Mats Fogt (Guitars)
Jesper Andersen (Drums)
Morten Maltesen (Bass)


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