POWERPLAY – All Those Years (2015)

POWERPLAY - All Those Years (2015) full


Danish West-Coast / AOR Melodic Rockers POWERPLAY have been silent for more than two decades, but 2015 are back on the rails to offer a brand new effort called “All Those Years”, released by Target Records today September 4.
This album, with the appropriate title, has 10 tracks covering the melodious waves the genre transited since the ’80s, with a sound that hints at bands like Toto, Starship, FM, Dare, and others of that ilk.

PowerPlay was founded in 1987 by Simon Dalberg (drums), singer Erik Thomsen, Kurt Lundgaard as guitarist, while Peter Gjedde took place behind the keyboard instrument. Bassist Philip Stricker joined the band later on, he brought new ideas to the band basically.
Songs were made and the band hit the road playing numerous gigs, especially in Scandinavia. Systematically they gained notoriety and even won a Music Award called ‘Let’s Rock’ in Trommen. Connected to the award as ‘Best Performing Band’ they got a record contract at Werner Studio in Copenhagen.
What really happened back then I don’t have a clue, sad fact is that PowerPlay never recorded that album, and called it quits back in 1992. In other words, their fifth anniversary was abruptly aborted… now 20+ years later on, they’re back with the original line-up, and the material they created “All Those Years” plus some new music.

Well, the quality in “All Those Years” proves that they have not been idle during their absence. I have to say that the end result of this new effort indicates a high level of musical skills spread across 10 excellent produced songs by Thomas Brekling and the band itself. The recordings took place at the Granny Studio and Media Sound Studio.

The more uptempo songs like opener ‘City Of Love’, ‘Powerplay’, ‘Why Are You Running Away’ and ‘Cry Freedom’ feature classy AOR structures while the musicianship is tight with strong drums / bass lines, melodic guitar flourishes and nice vocal harmonies.
You will hear a few softer songs coming through your speakers as well, smooth and easy to the ears tunes such as ‘Going Home’, while and ‘All Those Years’ has a cool West Coast swing, even with light progressive touches permeating the sound.
The album closes out as sweetly as it began with ‘Climb a Mountain’; the funkier ‘Don’t Walk Away From Me’ and closer ‘God Knows You’re A Bad Bone’ impressing, where these Danish veterans seamlessly achieve the typical AOR flavor we all love.

After so many years, PowerPlay succeeded to finally release their long-delayed album, a long-term mission they have endured with much devotion. “All Those Years” is the perfect meal that will satisfy the hunger of every AOR music fan longing to be thrilled by the sound of legendary grandmasters Toto, Starship, Street Talk, Foreigner, or newcomers like Care Of Night or Houston.
Another fine release for the genre in 2015.

01 – City of Love
02 – Powerplay
03 – Why Are You Running Away?
04 – Going Home
05 – All These Years
06 – Cry Freedom
07 – So What (Let Me Be)
08 – Climb a Mountain
09 – Don’t You Walk Away from Me
10 – God Knows You’re Bad Bone

Erik Thomsen – Lead Vocal
Phillip Stricker – Bass
Kurt Lundgaard – Guitars
Peter Gjedde – Keyboards
Simon Dalberg – Drums, Backing Vocals
thanks to Stefan


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