LEGION – Solace (2015)

LEGION - Solace (2015) full


And it finally happened; LEGION, the prolific group (an album every ten months, more or less) comprising the talents of American vocalist / songwriter Phil Vincent and English axeman Vince O’Regan – has disbanded.
Legion’s 8th and final album “Solace“, being released in a few days (Z Records schedule is uncertain, as usual), is another fine slice of classic hard (melodic) rock.

Vincent parted ways with O’Regan in good terms, searching for new musical horizons. The remaining members of Legion will be staying with Z Records with an all new project which will be announced shortly.
“Solace” see’s the keyboard position taken over by renowned keyboardist Eric Ragno (Takara et all). Ragno’s work adds a fresh new dimension to Legion’s trademark sound, via nice synth flourishes and melodic infusion.
Just listen the awesome intro to the album’s opener “Torn To Pieces”. This evident also in the atmospheric “Don’t Lie To Me”.

Yet, basically, this is typical Legion. Pretty much more ‘melodic rock’ than before, and guess what; this is the band’s best record in their relatively short but fructiferous career.
Indeed, songwriting, playing and production all is better and augmented. Ironically, this is the band final opus.
“Living For The Moment” is a killer melodic rocker in a Winger style circa 1990, “In Motion” has that distorted / clean guitars akin Dokken (a strong influence in Legion), while the ballad “Hold Me” features some of the best harmony vocals the group has created.

LEGION (Phil Vincent) - Solace (2015) inside

Legion never has released a bad album, all the previous 7 were some better than others, but this final “Solace” is the best of all.
If Legion sounded a bit repetitive for you, better check this new album as all songs are strong, varied, melodic, very well recorded & produced.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Torn To Pieces
02 – We Are The Fools
03 – Living For The Moment
04 – Don’t Lie To Me
05 – In Motion
06 – Hold Me
07 – Living A Lie
08 – Back Where You Started
09 – All I Need
10 – Gone Forever
11 – End Of The Line

Phil Vincent – vocals (D’ercole, Tragik)
Vince O’Regan – guitar (Bob Catley)
Eric Ragno (Takara) – keyboards
Gavin Cooper – bass (Lionsheart, DiAnno)
Steve Hopgood – drums (Jagged Edge, DiAnno)


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