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Melodic Hard Rock / AOR is alive & kickin’ all over the world… tomorrow August 7 sees the international debut of SUPREMACY, the pioneer Melodic Hard Rock band in Colombia! They may come from an atypical country for this kind of music, but I assure you these guys are one of the most vital projects the genre has seen in recent years.
Their album “Leaders” will be available on physical CD all over Europe at the end of the month released through H’Art / Borila Rekords‬ (Bonfire, John Parr).

Supremacy is a five-piece that finds inspiration from classic acts such as Toto, Def Leppard, Mr. Big, Danger Danger, as well as contemporary (The Poodles, H.E.A.T, Pretty Maids, The Magnificent, Lionville, Work of Art) finding a unique voice that tells us about all those great ’80s and ’90s achievements that made Hard Rock and AOR universal, but also speaks about its future in a present tense and with an unquestionable modern-day production.

And if we talk about production, there’s the expertise Alessandro Del Vecchio giving a hand to craft a shiny, clear sound.
Supremacy must have been doing something good, as several stars from the genre appear as guests too, including Del Vecchio itself, Nigel Bailey (Three Lions), Jakob Samuel (The Poodles) and Robert Sall (Work Of Art).

When I said ‘one of the most vital projects the genre has seen in recent years’ I was talking about Supremacy’s approach; their songs are catchy and hooky in the best tradition of the genre, but their sound is unique.
Not Scandi-like, nor British or American… the band blends all together and add their own touch. Supremacy style is pretty bombastic, plenty of sharp riffs, majestic keyboards and big drums.

Opener “No One Like You” has been chosen as the first single, and includes the participation of Jakob Samuel from The Poodles. This is a modern melodic hard rock gem, with sparkling keyboards all over and a killer chorus.
“Turning to Dust” continues in the same vein but with more bite, then Three Lions’ Nigel Bailey appears on “On My Way” in a duet full of AOR magic driven by a melody to die for. “Save Me” is a very good classy ballad, followed by the groovy “Time Never Lies”, a strong rocker.

“Yesterday & Freedom” has been chosen as a promo track too, and I can see why: it’s one of the best on the album. Work Of Art’s Robert Säll appears to provide a touch of class on this mid-tempo song already velvety crafted.
There’s a pumping bass driving the melodic rock essence of “Redamancy”, then “Meaning of Love” puts lighters in the air. This is a superb power ballad with great vocals, showing singer Harold Waller’s abilities. The leads in Supremacy are shared with keyboardist Paulo Cuevas.
There’s more to enjoy with the anthemic “Start Again”, the infectious “Dream Goes On” (another highlight), and last track “Despiertame”, a melodic AORish tune sung in Spanish.

SUPREMACY - Leaders (2015) inside

Supremacy is one of the surprises of year.
Their debut “Leaders” is pure Melodic Hard Rock / AOR oriented with a strong ’80s feel but served up with a terrific modern production. The songs are all strong on their own, no fillers in sight, and all are hooky as hell.
As said above, Melodic Hard Rock / AOR is alive & kickin’ all over the world… and in Latin America too.
Highly Recommended.

01. No One Like You (feat. Jakob Samuel)
02. Turning to Dust
03. On My Way (feat. Nigel Bailey)
04. Save Me
05. Time Never Lies
06. Yesterday a Freedom (feat Del Vecchio / R. Säll)
07. Redamancy
08. Meaning of Love
09. Start Again
10. Dream Goes On
11. Despiertame

Harold Waller – Lead vocals
Paul Reÿna – Bass, vocals
Danny Acosta – Guitar, vocals
Paulo Cuevas – Keyboards, Lead vocals
GG Andreas – Drums
Alessandro Del Vecchio (Lionville)
Nigel Bailey (Bailey, Three Lions)
Jakob Samuel (The Poodles)
Robert Säll (Work Of Art)


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