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Danish hard rockers ST. PROSTITUTE were featured here two years ago with their really good debut album, pretty successful all over Europe, especially UK.
Released today August 7 in Denmark (wait two months for the international), “Glorified” is St. Prostitute’s second, where the band shows their evolution and a pack of 12, highly enjoyable & entertaining rockers.

Indeed “Glorified” sounds more potent, intense than St. Prostitute’s already kickin’ debut.
The foundation of the brand new album surfaced in the summer of 2014 when the band was in a very creative period and a lot of new songs were written in a row.
What the guys wanted for this new record was to capture their ‘live-ish’ sound ‘on tape’, and for this matter they called a friend of the band, producer & studio owner of Lobster Studio, Rune Buck. He has a certain ability to catch that vibe having worked with several Scandinavian bands.
The mastering was done in Hollywood by Rueben Cohen (Foo Fighters, Rob Zombie). He was chosen to get a more modern touch to the classic rock the band plays.
“Glorified” is the result, with loads of up-tempo songs with great hooks, licks and melodies, but also a welcomed variation.

If you are new to St. Prostitute, they play classic hard rock with a modern sound. As happens with most Scandi bands, instrumentally they are clean and melodic, while frontman Fussy Korsholm strong and slightly raspy vocal delivery is perfectly suited to this ’80s-inspired American hard rock.
On this second disc, St. Prostitute feels much more punchy, powerful I’d say. And a lot of fun.
Just check the song titles and you’ll know what is all about here: “Red Car”, “City Lights”, “Death By Rock ‘n’ Roll’; this is feel-good rock.
‘L.A. Party’ is the first single and the more commercial of the bunch, with a poppy feel. It is obviously designed for the radio and it’s OK, the band needs promotion and this songs is infectious.

ST. PROSTITUTE - Glorified (2015) inside

But St. Prostitute have grown as songwriters too, and on this fresh CD we find more variation than just party rockers. “Running With Scissors” adds a touch of darkness to the overall sound, some kind of The Cult circa 1985, and I really enjoyed the result.
“Suicide Girl” has a melodic hard rock spirit, particularly on the verses, “Suicide Girl” adds groove St. Prostitute hard rock, and on “Such A Bliss” the band try something different in a mid-tempo form plus some keyboards / synth arrangement.

If you’re new to St. Prostitute I will repeat the same warning from the previous album review: Don’t be fooled by the band name or the cover artwork. These guys are serious, quality musicians and their songs are very good.
On “Glorified” St. Prostitute has grown in all departments from musicianship, arrangements and production. And their songs are getting better and better, some ridiculously catchy & fun.
Strongly Recommended.

01. Farewell & Goodbye
02. Red Car
03. City Lights
04. All Mine
05. L.A. Party
06. Death By Rock ‘n’ Roll
07. Running With Scissors
08. Suicide Girl
09. Leech
10. Prima Donna
11. Scream
12. Such A Bliss

Fussy Korsholm – Vocals, Guitar
Morten Korsholm – Lead Guitar
Kris Freeze – Guitar
Jones Bak – Bass
Jack Andy – Drums


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