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After the acoustically based affair from last year, White Lion frontman MIKE TRAMP returns to full band sound on his new album “Nomad“, released today.
Although “Nomad” is billed as a ‘rock album’, it mixes electric melodic rockers with slower, mellower tunes, and I think this blend works wonderfully for Tramp.

As on his previous 4 albums, co-producer and engineer, guitar player Soren Andersen, is once again Tramp’s partner in crime, joined by drummer Morten Hellborn who played with Tramp and Andersen in the Rock n Roll Circus, and bass grooving is being handled by fellow Dane Jesper Haugaard. Keyboards / Hammond B-3 organ are handled by another Tramp family member, Morten Buchholz.

MIKE TRAMP - Nomad (2015) inside

The ten-track “Nomad” is Mike Tramp’s ninth studio solo outing emerging hot on the heels of 2014’s Museum, and it’s testament to the prolific songwriting prowess of this Danish composer who has made a career – unlike so many musicians from the ’80s metal era – of actually writing songs fueled by emotion and personal experiences.
It’s no different with “Nomad”; the Copenhagen-born rocker completing a trilogy of sorts in regards to his journey through life beginning with the 2013 opus Cobblestone Street.

Mike hasn’t lost one iota of his range, but prefers to explore more of his lower and middle register on “Nomad” – his best melodies and choruses coming up on opener ‘Give It All You Got’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Who Can You Believe’, another favorite, a nice groovy rocker with a lively feel.
‘Wait Till Forever’ provides an extra edge; a killer organ buzzes along with another instant lick. Of course, due to Tramp’s moving tones the track is brought down to a comfortable level as the drum plods amidst the airy trickles of the guitar.
Other cuts are more mellow, like the wonderful ‘High Like A Mountain’ with warm vocals by Tramp, the poppy ‘No More’ and its infectious chorus, or the reflective ‘Live To Tell’.

MIKE TRAMP - Nomad (2015) back

What sets “Nomad” apart is simply Tramp‘s voice. If you like Mike Tramp melodic raspy vocals and his songwriting, go and get it now.
I think that most of the songs on album would fit well alongside slowed down versions of the White Lion classics that Tramp has been playing live and that is really a compliment and a testament to the quality of the songs on “Nomad” that they match up in that regard.
White Lion is in the rear view memory to treasure forever – so let’s appreciate Mike Tramp and his craft as long as the songs deliver and entertain – and for my money, he’s achieved the balance very well.

01 – Give It All You Got
02 – Wait Till Forever
03 – Counting the Hours
04 – Bow and Obey
05 – High Like a Mountain
06 – No More
07 – Stay
08 – Who Can You Believe
09 – Live to Tell
10 – Moving On

Mike Tramp: vocals, guitar
Soren Andersen: guitars, vocals
Morten Hellborn: drums
Jesper Haugaard: bass
Morten Buchholz: keyboard, Hammond B-3


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