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Founded by vocalist Dellacoma Rio after the dissolution of Australian based rockers Sunset Riot, DELLACOMA are presenting their debut “South Of Everything“. After listening the album from this Aussie / American combo, I’m convinced it ought to come with a warning label, because this is one devastatingly hot collection of tunes.
The band is simply on fire from start to finish, with a raw and rowdy vibe that brings to mind the best of old-school rock’n’roll.

Around three years ago, Dellacoma Rio summoned forth a new band of musical pals to assault the world anew. Gathering fellow Australian Rick Reynolds on bass, from Dallas, Texas Matt Cook on drums, and Art Stuck on guitars, Dellacoma was complete.
They then went to ground and began recording the record that was to become “South Of Everything”. If you have ever felt music in the past and can remember how it made you feel you will welcome this album.
One can hear the many influences this band has soaked up, yet it remains distinctly unique and modern.

Dell’s vocals are a big part of the appeal on “South Of Everything”. His classy hard rock voice has a smoky, dirty edge – and he sure knows how to work those pipes for maximum effect.
And the band is golden, tight, brash and rippling with musical muscle, capable of unleashing an unholy amount of rock and roll power. There’s some stellar guitar-work throughout and the rhythm section gives the music exactly the kind of heavy, solid backbone it needs.

DELLACOMA - South Of Everything (2015) inside

It’s definitely a bonus that instead of over-producing the tracks, “South Of Everything” captures a dynamic, straight-from-the-stage feel that gives the tunes real life and makes your pulse race.
All songs are good, but two are absolute stunners. One is ‘Under My Skin’, a tune that rips into you with a terrific guitar riff that just sends chills up and down your spine, while Dell’s vocals make it the kind of sexy, sweaty track that defines good-time rock and roll.
The other knockout is ‘Time Falls Away’, fueled by a busy instrumentation with a heady and dark, rather Led Zepp-ish vibe.
Other standouts include the hard-rocking and fiery showpiece ‘My Kinda Woman’; ‘Bloodsucker’ with a gritty, rugged and totally awesome guitar sound; and the stripper-pole swing of ‘Walk The Plank’, capturing a kind of early Aerosmith strut and swagger.

Then the catchy, hooky ‘Movin On To Something New’; the smashing ‘Lesson Learned’; and the rip-roaring ‘Change’ are also impressive.
Numbers like the heavy and hard ‘FJH (Get Me Out)’ amps things up with vocals that growl and scream; while ‘Fame/Slaves/Gold’ just kicks massive rock ’n’ roll tail, burning up the speakers from the first note to the last.

DELLACOMA - South Of Everything (2015) back

Having been recorded in just nine days you might expect an album to have a few weak points but it doesn’t dip for a second. In fact there’s no lack of top moments spread throughout the whole of “South Of Everything”.
That ‘instant’ capture to tape is part of the charm here, a hard charging recording straight from the gate. It’s strong and ambitious and proves that any bands who stay in the studio for months on end fiddling around really are taking the piss. Dellacoma however play it straight down the middle, no bullshit just plenty of fire.
Loud guitars, punchy bass, powerful drums, and vocals reminiscent of Rock Stars past, it’s all here. Crank it up!
Highly Recommended.

01 – My Kinda Woman
02 – Bloodsucker
03 – Under My Skin
04 – Movin’ On To Something New
05 – Walk The Plank
06 – Lesson Learned
07 – Time Falls Away
08 – Change
09 – FJH (Get Me Out)
10 – Fame/Slaves/Gold
11 – Dead Will Rise [bonus track]

Dellacoma Rio – vocals
Rick Reynolds – bass
Art Struck – guitars
Matt Cook – drums


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