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Los Angeles’ multi-platinum-selling rockers BUCKCHERRY will release their 7th studio album, “Rock N Roll“, on August 21st via F-Bomb Records / Caroline International.
To call an album “Rock N Roll” means something. It needs a lot of self-confidence to give a record such a significant title. Furthermore you have to be sure that you can deliver since you want to live up to those expectations.
Buchcherry has the potential to do this – no doubt. But are they are also able to convert this potential into cool songs for a “Rock N Roll” album?

After having listened to the sixth longplayer I have to say: yes, they can. Buckcherry doesn’t re-invent the Rock business, but the 10 songs on the album are grooving pretty well. The guys find, again, the right mix of crunchy riffs and catchy melodies that makes the album to an interesting one for a wider target group.
From the start, with ‘Bring It On Back’, you get classic American hard rock that hearken back to Eighties glory days. While rather enticing, it’s not the best song here.
The following ‘Tight Pants’, a typical Buckcherry lusty ode to chicks, is a rockin’ groove monster complete with a horn section. Sex and sax. Can’t beat that.

BUCKCHERRY - Rock N Roll (2015) inside

Another lascivious rock behemoth is ‘Sex Appeal’, where the rhythm section, bass and drums, lay down this infectious beat and groove for this fast paced song. After this other rockers include the raucous ‘Get With It’, speedy riff heavy ‘The Madness’, and ‘Wood’, with some solid gang vocals in a dense arrangement.
Alternatively, there some additional variety. ‘Wish To Carry On’, while definitely hard rock, puts the melody and harmony more forward, notably in the chorus, giving the song a bit more of an Melodic Rock feel.

You can take a break from the adrenaline ride and listen to the soothing tracks, ‘The Feeling Never Dies’ and ‘Rain’s Falling’. Those two tracks are the kind of songs you could just set back in your easy chair and reflect on your life to. They also demonstrate Josh Todd’s wonderfully diverse writing style, and Keith Nelson’s skills on the guitar delivering a smooth bluesy job.

BUCKCHERRY - Rock N Roll (2015) back

Fundamentally, as a whole, I think Buckcherry hit the target they were aiming for: this is a rock n roll album. Certainly, and unfortunately, it’s also something that probably won’t make a ripple in the American mainstream music industry or listening audience. Too many youngsters listening auto-tuned pop and rap crap. But I’ll bet Europe and the rest of the World will dig it.
Honestly, since 1999 when they released self-titled debut album, I did not followed Buckcherry’s evolution too much. And if you haven’t either, now’s a good time check in with Buckcherry.
“Rock N Roll” is a feel-good rockin’ album that is an excellent summertime soundtrack.

01 – Bring It On Back
02 – Tight Pants
03 – Wish To Carry On
04 – The Feeling Never Dies
05 – Cradle
06 – The Madness
07 – Wood
08 – Rain’s Falling
09 – Sex Appeal
10 – Get With It

Josh Todd [vocals]
Keith Nelson [guitar]
Stevie D. [guitar]
Xavier Muriel [drums]
Kelly LeMieux [bass]


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