BITERS – Electric Blood (2015)

BITERS - Electric Blood (2015) front


After a well received indie album and increasing their fan base with solid gigs, Atlanta rockers BITERS have made quite an impact since signing with Earache / Warner Records and “Electric Blood” (to be released tomorrow August 7) is their first release with the major label.
They’ve boldly claimed to be bringing authenticity back to Rock ‘n Roll, but can the album really live up to such claims? Is it actually any good?
Well actually… yes.

With a title like “Electric Blood” and an accompanying cover artwork that tips the hat to Metallica’s Ride The Lightning, one would expect this collection of modern day rock hits to be quite an impressive breakthrough, and they would be right.
Biters have created an image for themselves that perfectly matches their sound, and this is ultimately defined in the album’s leading single and first track “Restless Hearts”, a positive, punchy and catchy rock n’ roll number that throws it’s weight around as a benchmark for Biters’ sound.

The huge chorus and technical groove of the great “1975” follows, containing some of the best instrumentals and vocal performances on the record.
We’re treated to more of the same as “Heart Fulla Rock N’ Roll” brings with it some nostalgia and an impression of the spirit of what Biters are all about, while the enigmatic and heartfelt “Dreams Don’t Die” adds a real sense of class and sophistication to proceedings.

BITERS - Electric Blood (2015) inside

While listening to the CD you pick up a very strong idea and atmosphere of what the Atlanta four-piece are trying to achieve. Many bands struggle to make an impression with early albums due to lack of direction and personality but this is definitely not the case with Biters, who are pushing for a revival in straight-talking rock n’ roll you can blast out your car speakers with shades and a leather jacket.
This is particularly evident on takes from the second half of the album including the pacey riffage of “Low Lives In High Definition”, a loud and fast slab of textbook rock music that wouldn’t seem out of place as the soundtrack to a Saturday night bar fight.

“The Kids Ain’t Alright” also spices things up from beginning as what is assumed to be a sweet rock ballad until it bursts into life in the form of a massive arena-filling anthem. The high from these tracks does fall slightly to make way for the repetitive and fairly derivative “Loose From The Noose” aside from its effective breakdown and finale.
With an album closer that contains very strong connotations of what sounds like an excellent Thin Lizzy tribute band in “Space Age Wasteland”, you are left exhausted and amused after an album that hits hard and fast with hit after hit.

BITERS - Electric Blood (2015) back

Although Biters’ style may seem all too familiar by thirty-odd years they are able to put a modern day twist on the classic rock spectrum and produce an album that is as refreshing as it is entertaining.
The guys have achieved pretty much what they set out to do – they’ve made you some catchy rock and roll. You’ll want to sing along, you’ll want to get involved and most importantly you won’t be able to stand still.

It doesn’t feel like the album contains filler and for a band on the brink of superstardom “Electric Blood” was one of the best decisions they could have made. The band are clearly around to stay, steal your daughters and sound damn good whilst doing it.
Biters is a four-piece to keep an eye on, and “Electric Blood” is definitely an album you should sink your ‘teeth’ into.

01 – Restless Hearts
02 – 1975
03 – Heart Fulla Rock ‘N Roll
04 – Dreams Don’t Die
05 – Electric Blood
06 – The Kids Ain’t Alright
07 – Low Lives In Hi Definition
08 – Time To Bleed
09 – Loose From The Noose
10 – Space Age Wasteland

Tuk – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Matt – Guitar, Vox
Philip – Bass, Vox
Joey – Drums, Percussion


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