7th HEAVEN – Next (2015)

7th HEAVEN - Next (2015) full

Chicago melodic rockers 7th HEAVEN are back with a new shining collection of songs, their brand new CD “Next“. And we have to celebrate, because I doubt if there’s other band capable to deliver such feel-good, simple, instantly enjoyable tunes like this guys.

7th HEAVEN is one of the most prolific bands in the world. With a rigorous touring schedule averaging 250 shows per year and performing alongside acts like Bon Jovi and Kid Rock, they have no problem to release a set of new songs every year. And quality songs.
The band alternate long (sometimes double) CD’s with regular ones, like in the case of the fresh “Next”. We have here 10 polished tracks of pure, feel-good poppy melodic rock.

Also, 7th HEAVEN has the habit to change the lead singer almost for every new release. You know, for most bands this is some kind of disaster, but for 7th HEAVEN seems to work flawlessly.
“Next” features new vocalist Adam Heisler (ex- The Fabulous Janes, Dot Dot Dot, both seen nationwide on USA TV) and he is even better than the previous!

Anyway, the key factor in 7th HEAVEN is founder Richard Hofherr (guitar, keys, backing vocals) and his songwriting skills. The man has been blessed with a midas touch to create the most infectious hooks you’ll hear this Summer.

7th HEAVEN - Next (2015) inside

As usual, 7th HEAVEN deliver first class power poppy melodic rock gems influenced by the best era but with a modern sound and pristine production.
All around the 3-minute mark, anthems like “Time Of Our Lives”, “Young And Bulletproof” or “She Could Use A Little Sunshine” and its irresistible chorus are instant ear-candy.
We have some Rick Springfield on “Don’t Wanna Be In Love”, a bit of Def Leppard in “Diamonds”, some Waltham in the moving “Standing On Top Of The World”, all influences that transcend generations and the guys made their own.

Never heard 7th HEAVEN? They are regulars to this blog (check HERE) and never fail to deliver quality melodic stuff.
It’s all very poppy and inoffensive but… I love it!
Highly Recommended.

01 – Time Of Our Lives
02 – Diamonds
03 – She’s On Fire
04 – Young And Bulletproof
05 – You And I
06 – She Could Use A Little Sunshine
07 – Don’t Wanna Be In Love
08 – Something That You Want
09 – Standing On Top Of The World
10 – Take Me With You

Adam Heisler – Lead Vocals
Richard Hofherr – Lead Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Nick Cox – Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Mark Kennetz – Bass, Vocals
Michael Mooshey – Drums


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