THE DEAD DAISIES – Revolucion (2015)

THE DEAD DAISIES - Revolucion (2015) full

One thing is for sure; THE DEAD DAISIES is a name we have to keep in mind. The band has released their debut in 2013 (presented here on the blog) and now it’s time for the second strike. After having been the support for Kiss and Def Leppard on their US tour the guys got now the support slot for Kiss’ European tour too.
And timing couldn’t be better since the band has the new record ready to be released today: “Revolución“.

If you are new to them, the names behind The Dead Daisies are some ‘cats’: Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), Dizzy Reed (Guns’n’Roses) David Lowy, Richard Fortus (Guns’n’Roses) and singer Jihn Corabi (Mötley Crüe, The Scream).
The drums on the album have been done by Jackie Barnes (Jimmy Barnes Band) and all these guys together recorded an album that grooves from the first to the last tone.

THE DEAD DAISIES - Revolucion (2015) inside

Yes, “Revolución” is Hard Rock mixed with a bigger portion of bluesy Classic Rock. Those dudes blow again live into the famous rock of the ’70s and ’80s, as there are a lot of cross-references to those glorious days of Rock, but all with a modern touch and a crystal clear sound.

I think what added something extra to the vibe of the album is the fact that the recording took place in Cuba; with Ben Grosse as producer. I must say that this album sounds like fun and sun. It’s good time rock’n’roll with a high standard.
Sometimes Whitesnake breaks through, especially with “Looking for the One”, but my favorite three songs are placed in the middle. “Empty Heart” catches you and doesn’t let loose again. The hook is an irresistable one, the groove makes you move, and the chorus is catchy, but not sweet. An ’empty heart’ never sounded that good.

THE DEAD DAISIES - Revolucion (2015) back

The following “Make the Best of It” easily maintains the high level of the previous via a bluesy melting riff that is the base for the track enriched by Corabi’s raspy vocals and some Hammond organ parts.
Another highlight is the ballad “Something I Said”; traditional Hard Rock meets blues meets a bit of soul. The outcome is a powerful, meaty ballad instead of a quiet song drowning in cliches.
Those are just a few songs, but also the rest of “Revolucion” is far above average – real, blood-pumped Hard Rock pearls.
Highly Recommended


01. Mexico
02. Evil
03. Looking For The One
04. Empty Heart
05. Make The Best Of It
06. Something I Said
07. Get Up Get Ready
08. With You And I
09. Sleep
10. My Time
11. Midnight Moses
12. Devil Out Of Time
13. Critical

John Corabi – lead vocals (Motley Crue, Union, The Scream)
Richard Fortus – lead guitar (Guns N’ Roses)
David Lowy – rhythm guitar (Mink)
Dizzy Reed – keyboards (Guns N’ Roses)
Marco Mendoza – bass (Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent)
Jackie Barnes – drums (Tin Lids, Jimmy Barnes)



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