MARENNA – My Unconditional Faith (out of print)

MARENNA - My Unconditional Faith (2015) full

Brazil has produced very interesting Rock / Metal during the last 25 years which have gained international acclaim. One of the most prolific genres were centralized around Hard / Melodic Rock & AOR and this is the case of MARENNA project.
Fronted by singer Rodrigo Marenna, MARENNA is already getting really good sales of their single You Need To Believe in Japan, positive reviews and a growing attention of many fans around the world.
My Unconditional Faith” is the title of Marenna’s self-released EP (available through the band’s website), but they were already singed by European label Lions Pride Music for a full-length CD to be presented soon.

Rodrigo Marenna founded the band in 2014, recording and releasing three singles which are part of this EP.
He’s an experienced songwriter and vocalist with more than 800 gigs under his belt through his career, being his real love classic Melodic Rock / AOR with ’80s foundations.

The pulsating “You Need To Believe”, the elegant prime AOR of “Like An Angel”, and the catchy “Keep On Dreaming” are stupendous cuts full of melodic guitars, fluffy keys and harmony vocals.
Marenna owns a deep tenor register specially designed for this type of music, and his band mates are all excellent musicians. This is confirmed on the acoustic version of “You Need To Believe”, where despite of being the first track, it is re-worked in a very original way, not ‘just the same’ with stripped guitars.

MARENNA - My Unconditional Faith (2015) disc

Very, very solid Melodic Rock / AOR with a modern sound.
I am waiting Marenna’s full length with open arms.


1 – You Need To Believe
2 – Like An Angel
3 – Keep On Dreaming
4 – You Need To Believe (Acoustic Version)

Rodrigo Marenna – lead & backing vocals
Jonas Godoy – guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Guilherme Mello, Matheus Tofehrn – drums
Sasha Zavistanovicz – lead guitar on 1
Geraldo Aita – lead guitar on 2, backing vocals
Cesar Branco – lead guitar on 3
Arthur Appel, Aaron Alves – backing vocals


MARENNA - My Unconditional Faith (2015) back



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