HUNGRYHEART – Dirty Italian Job (2015)

HUNGRYHEART - Dirty Italian Job (2015) full


I was waiting for many moons forthe new album by HUNGRYHEART, as the guys are without a doubt one of the finest Melodic Hard Rock act coming out from central Europe. Led by guitarist Mario Percudani and with more than 20 years of existence, “Dirty Italian Job” it’s only the third album by Hungryheart, not the most productive band if you ask, but as on the previous, these guys never disappoint.

Both first Hungryheart albums (2008, 2010) made a big impact to the Melodic Hard Rock / AOR world, great samples of pure late ’80s / early ’90s sound & style with a fresh approach and most of all; with strong songs.
Yes, this band knows how to deliver well crafted songs with strong arrangements, catchy hooks & choruses, a crunchy guitar sound and powerful vocals.
One of the reasons of the pretty delayed new CD is that these guys are experienced and extremely talented musicians really busy in the musical business, having played and collaborated with big names of this genre such as House of Lords, Mitch Malloy, Bobby Kymball, Vinny Appice, Issa, Kelly Keeling and many others.

“Dirty Italian Job” was produced Mario Percudani himself – if this name does not ring a bell on you, he has co-produced the last records of Lionville, Mitch Malloy, Ted Poley, Axe, and more, so, we’re talking about a serious cat here.
Additionally, talented Alessandro Del Vecchio contributes keyboards, and the album has been mastered by senior engineer Brad Vance (Foreigner, Mr. Big, Ritchie Blackmore) at Red Mastering Studio, California.

From the start, Hungryheart makes clear they are a classy Melodic Hard / AOR act, kicking-off with the really ’80s uptempo rocker “There Is A Reason For Everything”, fueled by a big groove, Josh Zighetti’s smooth vocals and Mario’s superb guitar lines.
“Back To The Real Life” sounds like it jumped out from Bon Jovi’s New Jersey album while in “Nothing But You” the band delivers a great ballad. In “Shoreline”, the first single, we have a killer melodic rock anthem and one of the highlights.

“Devil’s Got My Number” is another groovy rocker driven by contagious riff, while “Nothing But You” is a compelling ballad adding cool acoustics.
With “Bad Love”(Eric Clapton cover) the boys take this already classic rock track, they put their personal identity, heart & soul and make it even better than the original. Brilliant version.
The bluesier “Second Hand Love”, the rockier “Right Now” and the beautiful midtempo AOR “You Can Run” are yet more highlights from the new record.
Closer “All Over Again” mixes Hungryheart strengths into one song, timeless melodic rock with and AOR with an unmistakable late ’80s feeling full of charm.

HUNGRYHEART - Dirty Italian Job (2015) inside

“Dirty Italian Job” sums up greatly all the stupendous attributes of Hungryheart, simply put, one of the best Melodic Hard Rock acts you’ll find out there nowadays.
It’s their more mature record to date, no filler in sight here, just quality stuff played with heart & soul that will please each and every single fan of this genre.
Highly Recommended.

01. There Is A Reason For Everything
02. Back To The Real Life
03. Shoreline
04. Nothing But You
05. Devil’s Got My Number
06. Bad Love
07. Second Hand Love
08. Time For The Letting Go
09. Right Now
10. You Can Run
11. Rock Steady
12. All Over Again

Josh Zighetti: Lead & Backing Vocals
Mario Percudani: Guitars, Backing Vocals, Lead on 4, 7
Stefano Scola: Bass
Paolo Botteschi: Drums
Paolo Apollo Negri: keyboards on 2, 7, 10
Alessandro Del Vecchio: keyboards on 1, 4, 6, 8
Giulio Garghentini: backing vocals on 8


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