SINNER – The Nature Of Evil [remastered reissue 2015]

SINNER - The Nature Of Evil [remastered reissue 2015] full


Metalville Records has a joint licensing venture with Nuclear Blast Records, helping to distribute their European releases in North America. In return, Metalville are re-releasing sought after titles from Nuclear Blast’s back catalog, some of which have not been available for over a decade.
This is the case with “The Nature Of Evil“, the ’98 album by SINNER, remastered and on digipak format.

“The Nature Of Evil” was the 11th release overall from legendary German metal outfit Sinner. Why this band was never huge worldwide remains a mystery to this day – these guys consistently deliver classy, guitar driven melodic metal, and just about every release they have ever put out simply kicks some serious ass from start to finish.
Led by bassist / vocalist Mat Sinner, the band here is rounded out by guitarists Tom Naumann & Alex Beyrodt (Silent Force/Voodoo Circle), keyboard player Frank Roessler, and drummer Fritz Randow.
“The Nature Of Evil” is chock full of meaty, riff-o-rama, as the band deliver the goods here in a big way, an album that is sure to please fans of classic European melodious metal.

Opening cut “Devil’s River” instantly grabs you by the throat with its blend of massive riffage and tasty keyboards, Roessler even throwing-in a wonderful Jens Johannson-influenced solo before a raging guitar lead shreds through the mix.

SINNER - The Nature Of Evil [remastered reissue 2015] booklet1

Primal Fear belter Ralph Scheepers makes an appearance on “Question of Honour”, and at that time, he had recently left Gamma Ray and formed Primal Fear with Mat Sinner, so this was also somewhat of an introduction of their new partnership. This song worked so well that Primal Fear chose to re-record it on their terrific release Seven Seals a few years later.

Other highlights here include the epic, symphonic metal title track (a real triumph for this band), the speedy power of “Justice From Hell” and “Some Truth”, the lengthy, bone crunching metal of “Dark Soul”, the almost Loudness-influenced “Faith and Conviction”, and the atmospheric cover of Thin Lizzy’s “The Sun Goes Down”.
Throughout “The Nature of Evil”, there’s no shortage of guitar sharpness, the team of Beyrodt & Naumann really laying down some excellent walls of riffs as well as injecting some blazing leads, which is really what you want on a release of this nature.

Mat Sinner once again delivers a solid vocal performance, and though he’s no Scheepers, he is effective at what he does. His bass playing skills are tight, working well alongside the nimble drum work of Randow, and Roessler adds the right amount of synth flourishes without getting in the way of the metal assault.

SINNER - The Nature Of Evil [remastered reissue 2015] booklet 5

Bands like Sinner are excellent starter for new metal-heads looking to get into an easy-to-listen-to and easy to appreciate classic Euro melodic metal / sharp hard rock.
And this “The Nature Of Evil” reissue also serves to trained listeners to re-discover or listen for the first time and really fine album from the genre.
Don’t forget that, along with Accept, Sinner were one of the first bands doing this style and they still do it better than most. Oh yeah, and love the freaky looking beastie on the cover!
A really welcomed reissue.

01 – Devil’s River
02 – A Question Of Honour
03 – Justice From Hell
04 – The Nature Of Evil
05 – Some Truth (Has Better Left Unknown)
06 – Darksoul
07 – Faith And Conviction
08 – Rising
09 – Walk On The Dark Side
10 – Trust No One
11 – The Sun Goes Down
12 – Calm Before The Storm (Remaster bonus)
13 – Searching For Your Love (Remaster bonus)
14 – Twisted Mind (Remaster bonus)

Mat Sinner – vocals, bass
Tom Naumann, Alex Beyrodt – guirars
Frank Roessler – keyboards
Fritz Randow – drums
Ralph Scheepers – guest vocals on 2


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