REASON – The Deception Of Dreams (2015)

REASON - The Deception Of Dreams (2015) full


Having been hugely impressed by the previous album (featured on this blog) from UK melodic progressive rockers REASON, their new CD “The Deception Of Dreams” has been a much anticipated release by 0dayrox staff.
This is a band who truly utilise the three elements of their genre tag, a Neo Progressive air in evidence right across this album, as a strong Heavy Melodic Rock vibe hits home.

However it’s the keen melodies which underpin the whole kit and caboodle and make Reason as irresistible as they are. Think Saracen or Ten crossed with Saga and then ram early Marillion and latter day Arena into that mix and hey, you have Reason.
If there’s one slight niggle (there is, so let’s get it out of the way), it’s that the production isn’t quite as sharp as could be hoped for, drums a touch clattery, the vocals just ever so slightly lacking in oomph.
And yet good songs are good songs, and the wonderfully titled “The Deception Of Dreams” delivers them from start to finish.

REASON - The Deception Of Dreams (2015) inside

Take “Fire Eternal” as a burning example of fiery riffs, impassioned vocals and precise percussion, or “Sacrifice” as a stunning exponent of booming bass and darting synth lines.
Bring it all together and both of these songs romp along with an energy and smarting smack of excitement that Reason seem to utterly thrive on.

Frontman Paul Mace is a mighty weapon, a full rich delivery giving him the vocal tools to rip through the balls out rockers and to provide emotion and poise when the need arises. Something the brooding, “Heartless” and muscular “Star Crossed” illustrate perfectly.
However even with a fantastic vocalist such as Mace, it’s hard not to suggest that the guitar / keyboard pairing of Chris Gyngell and Gil Hird don’t continually steal the show.

Few bands operating in the Melodic Progressive zone would dare to be as aggressive as Reason often feel the need for and it serves them well with their heavy yet melodic, rocking yet progressive style.
Familiar enough to have a ready audience, yet individual enough to stand out from the crowd.

REASON - The Deception Of Dreams (2015) back

“The Deception Of Dreams” is a serious piece of work and an album that with the correct exposure (something like a support slot with Magnum for example) really could catapult Reason into the big leagues.
For those looking for a quite original mix of progressive rock / melodic rock / neo prog and a groovy hard rock touch, look no further, as this release gives you the perfect ‘Reason’ to search no more!
Highly Recommended.

1. Synchronised
2. Sacrifice
3. Fire Eternal
4. Heartless
5. September Child
6. Nothing
7. Revelation
8. Star Crossed
9. Souldrift

Paul Mace – Lead Vocals
Chris Gyngell – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Gil Hird – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Graham Corbett – Bass
Rob Leech – Drums


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