PYRAMAZE – Disciples Of The Sun (2015)

PYRAMAZE - Disciples Of The Sun (2015) full

Danish band PYRAMAZE has been under the radar or, perhaps better, missing in action for better than 7 years. Come 2015, the band has seen half of the original lineup revamped; still remains Jonah Weingarten on keyboards, Morten Gade Sørensen on drums and Toke Skjønnemand on guitars, but have welcomed about longtime-friend / producer Jacob Hansen on guitars and newcomer Terje Harøy on vocals.
Their brand new album “Disciples Of The Sun” assuredly marks the beginning of a new era for the band, adopting a new and fresh musical direction.

Considering the caliber of past work and the acclamation received, you would expect more of the same from Pyramaze. Yes, the band still offers their mixture of melodic metal, Euro heavy and hard rock grooves, but this time with a slight touch of progressive metal.
Additionally, the decision to pick a relatively-unknown singer to take the vacant vocal position (famed Matt Barlow was at the vocal helm before) could be considered risky, but it was the best possible decision the band could have made, because “Disciples Of The Sun” is chock-full of uplifting and powerful heavy-hitters, to which Terje Harøy (ex- Crossnail) voice is perfectly-suited.

PYRAMAZE - Disciples Of The Sun (2015) inside

The introduction of epic proportions of “We Are The Ocean” sets a spanning, cinematic scene for chugger “The Battle Of Paridas”. One of the album’s heaviest moments right off the bat, the track soon gets into the lyrics, where Terje’s power is obvious right away.
Come the chorus (in fact, any chorus on the album, especially that of “Fearless” or “Hope Springs Eternal), the man’s voice lets loose with raw, unrestrained energy. However, not losing their trademark, soaring atmospherics either, which are incredibly present as well as in the infectiously-catchy “Back For More”.
On all these cuts, Pyramaze proves that they have successfully moved forward without losing any trace of their identity.

“Perfectly Imperfect” booms with a series of thick opening riffs, before transitioning into soaring and gloriously-melodic choruses. The track to follow, “Unveil”, however, provides some of the more ‘proggy’ moments on the record; the key-change in the last chorus leaves you light-headed, and probably best display’s Terje’s impressive range.
As for the most aggressive track on the album, “Hope Springs Eternal” is the package, containing the album’s fastest, most blistering riffs – but in a gracefulness only Scandinavian metallers have perfected, transitions to long-lasting, memorable and melodic choruses.
Pyramaze even are great crafting a slow ‘ballad’: the short “Photograph” which closes the disc is ethereal, melodic and plenty of magic.

PYRAMAZE - Disciples Of The Sun (2015) back

If you never heard Pyramaze before, this “Disciples Of The Sun” is a recommended start, and if you are a fan, you’ll love this new effort.
Pyramaze’s style and sound is crystal clear, clinical at times, and I love the excellent musicianship. This is melodic metal, but with a groove akin hard rock that turn things really catchy. There’s uplifting crescendos and dramatic cascades of stupendous arrangements and strong melodies to enjoy.
Not one track on the album hints to any monotony; each piece has its own vibe, and it’s a story all in its own, both musically & lyrically.
Highly Recommended


01 – We Are The Ocean
02 – The Battle Of Paridas
03 – Disciples Of The Sun
04 – Back For More
05 – Genetic Process
06 – Fearless
07 – Perfectly Imperfect
08 – Unveil
09 – Hope Springs Eternal
10 – Exposure
11 – When Black Turns To White
12 – Photograph

Terje Harøy – Vocals
Morten Gade Sørensen – Drums
Jonah Weingarten – Keyboards
Toke Skjønnemand – Guitars
Jacob Hansen – Guitars, Bass, Production



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