PHIL VINCENT – Unreleased (2015)

PHIL VINCENT - Unreleased (2015) full


Prolific multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer PHIL VINCENT, alongside his solo career, has been working on various projects from the last fifteen years including Tragik, Circular Logik, D’Ercole. And of course Legion – with guitarist Vince O’Regan – releasing 7 albums.
Well, two days ago Vincent presented a statement announcing his departure from Legion.
As farewell, Phil Vincent is presenting “Unreleased”, a collection of tracks recorded through the existence of the band but that never made it into the official Legion releases

Vincent said; “It is with both disappointment and extreme excitement that I must announce my departure as vocalist and songwriter of the band Legion. It was an honor and pleasure working with Vince O’Regan and I am very proud of the music we created.
Now O’Regan is concentrated on his solo career, and I see new musical opportunities to my art, have combined to lead me to this decision.

The new ventures that have presented themselves will take precedence for me from this day forward and I must dedicate 100% of my time and effort toward these projects. I am very confident my new musical creations will excite and satisfy my fan base and I look forward to unveiling my music to you and the world.
My heartfelt thanks to all the Legion fans for your support over the last 5 years and 7 albums and I look forward to rocking with you again very soon.”

As said, “Unreleased” features tracks composed and performed by Vincent & O’Regan, not only recorded for the Legion albums, but also as two-man band.
These tracks are professionally recorded with the same production standard of the Legion albums, and did not made it into the official releases simply because of space, and to keep the tracklist short.

Cuts like a harmony layered “Without You”, the moving “Don’t Give Up On Me”, the Dokken-esque “Falling Sky”, the rapid “Life On The Run”, and specially the very good mid-tempo (with clean guitars) “Tragedy In Motion” are really solid cuts and a perfect example of these guys’ abilities.
If you enjoyed Legion and O’Regan / Phil Vincent solo albums, “Unreleased” is a no-brainer.
And a recommended collection of songs for any melodic hard rock fan.

01 – Soldier
02 – Tragedy In Motion
03 – Without You
04 – End Of The Line
05 – Don’t Give Up On Me
06 – Falling Sky
07 – It’s Finally Over
08 – Life On The Run
09 – Living A Lie
10 – Read Between The Lines

Phil Vincent – Vocals, all instruments
Vince O’Regan – guitar, bass
Gav Cooper – additional bass


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