MICHAEL BORMANN – Closer (2015)

MICHAEL BORMANN - Closer (2015) full


Lately being busy producing / playing in different projects, including his controversial appearance in the German version of the TV program The Voice – but which helped him reach millions of people – skilled vocalist / multi-instrumentalist MICHAEL BORMANN is back with the long awaited fifth solo album “Closer” to be released tomorrow, May 22.

The true fans of the early Jaded Heart sound will be in heaven with “Closer”, and newcomers will be impressed by such a powerful voice. The album fit perfectly with Bormann’s past, plenty of bright melodic rockers.
The exciting starting triptych of songs is hyper-catchy and set in an optimistic mood, in fact “I’m Not Your Entertainment”, the AORish ”Let’s Make History”, ”Never Say Die”, with the addition of the great modernized flair of Def Leppard in the exciting “Down To The Bottle”, are among the highlights.

MICHAEL BORMANN - Closer (2015) inside

The diversity of some influences are edifying, as the slightly bluesy flavor of “Can’t Get A Touch Too Much”, or the children choir in the radio-friendly “Because We Are The World” are certainly surprising, but full of beautiful emotions.
Michael Bormann is a multi-talented artist, he wrote all the songs and played most all the instruments on the album. It should be mentioned the valuable contribution of Eric Ragno providing his awesome keyboard flourishes, and Bobby Stoecker playing most of the guitar solos.

Yes, Bormann wrote every thing here, with the exception of one track strategically placed at the end of the running order: the famous Demi Lovato cover of “Warrior”… the same song that he had performed at the TV show behind millions of people.
Despite the controversy, the cover of this pop hit is really well arranged and played with a melodic rock feel.
As one might expect, there’s a ballad or two. “For This One Time In Life”, which starts out light, like a ballad, but quickly builds to strong melodic rock anthem.
More so a traditional ballad is “Closer”, the title track with Bormann over mostly a simple piano.

MICHAEL BORMANN - Closer (2015) back

“Closer” easily sits among the finest Melodic Rock work created by the talented Michael Bormann in his illustrious career.
A highly recommended album with solid songs, great melodies and a superb Voice.

01. I’m Not Your Entertainment
02. Let’s Make History
03. Never Say Die
04. Can’t Get A Touch Too Much
05. Because we are the World
06. Living It Up
07. I wanna be a Rock Star
08. For this one time in life
09. Closer
10. Richmen’s World
11. Down To The Bottle
12. Warrior

Michael Bormann – Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar
Jean Bormann – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Marco Grasshoff – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Eric Ragno – Keyboards
Bobby Stöcker – Lead Guitars
Katie Juraschka – Backing Vocals


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