MARK SLAUGHTER – Reflections In A Rear View Mirror (2015)

MARK SLAUGHTER - Reflections In A Rear View Mirror (2015) full


MARK SLAUGHTER, lead singer of multi-platinum band Slaughter (and Vinnie Vincent Invasion among others) is presenting his first ever solo album,
Reflections In A Rear View Mirror“.
The record will be available via Mark’s website, and through Escape Music on May 25th.

“Reflections In A Rear View Mirror” is mixed & mastered by the legendary expert of the golden ’80s sound Michael Wagener, containing 11 original tracks, fully recorded by Mark himself with some additional help provided by some friends, notably the drums parts played by Mark Goodin.
Of course, and as expected, Mark Slaughter has recorded some first class American Melodic Rock in the great and timeless tradition of the Eighties era. His trademark high pitched voice is still charming and his songwriting skills strong as ever.

The opening ‘Away I Go’ is a full throttle groovy rocker, while ‘Never Givin’ Up’ display the complete radio-friendly arsenal with success… a real hit-single potential infectious tune that once more strikes it up a heavy musical notch or two.
That knack of writing super catchy commercial rock songs is still flowing for Mark Slaughter – just check out ‘Somewhere Isn’t Here’, the contagious heavy funk of ‘Velcro Jesus’, or the jubilant ‘The Real Thing’, revealing another enthusiastic melodic mood and a clear focus to enjoy a good slice of American Rock n Roll.

MARK SLAUGHTER - Reflections In A Rear View Mirror (2015) back

‘Baby Wants’ slows things down to a mellow pace, something Mark Slaughter has musically thrived on throughout his illustrious career, and the craft of his songwriting abilities is again highlighted on ‘Carry Me Back Home’, an acoustic-driven tune full of harmony and melodic moments.
Another moment of mellowness, featuring guest vocals from Gena Johnson, is ‘Don’t Turn Away’, the song having an almost countrified feel but, again, an incredibly worthy track on the tunesmithery front.
Then final cut ‘Deep In Her Heart’ reveals another interesting and unexpected side of Mark Slaughter’s voice and creative style.

As the title suggest, “Reflections In A Rear View Mirror” is an homage to that iconic sound that had Mark Slaughter and his band ruling the airwaves back in the ’80s, with the necessary modern update.
This is the first delivery of new music from the Slaughter camp since 1999, and he has created what the fans want: feel-good melodic rockers and hooks to enjoy.
The style is obviously more mature than the famous Hair Metal anthem Up All Night, but the melodic hooks are still everywhere on this very good record.
Highly Recommended.

01. Away I Go
02. Never Givin’ Up
03. Miss Elainious
04. Carry Me Back Home
05. The Real Thing
06. Baby Wants
07. Don’t Turn Away
08. Somewhere Isn’t Here
09. In Circle Flight
10. Velcro Jesus
11. Deep In Her Heart

Mark Slaughter – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Mark Goodin – Drums
Gena Johnson – additional Vocals on 7
Bill Jordan – guest Keyboards on 7
mixed & mastered by Michael Wagener


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