HOUSE OF LORDS – Indestructible (2015)

HOUSE OF LORDS - Indestructible (2015) full


Superb vocalist James Christian and his band HOUSE OF LORDS are celebrating with their soon-to-be-released new album “Indestructible“: it’s their tenth studio album in a career that dates to 1987, but also marks ten years with the same line up: Christian, Jimi Bell on guitars, bassist Chris McCarvill, and BJ Zampa on drums.

Another thing that hasn’t changed is House Of Lords’ approach to music; the last several albums find the band delivering classic melodic hard rock with a strong edgy sound. Of course, all this is wrapped up of big melodies, arrangement and lyrical hooks, fiery guitar solos, and lush production.
Some of the heavier and hard charging songs come at the start with ‘Go To Hell’ and title track ‘Indestructible’, but also later with ‘Die To Tell’. That song has this guitar synth mixture with chanting vocals over steady drums at the start, only to erupt into some blistering metallic melody.

The following ‘Another Dream’ has another interesting intro from guitars which leads into catchy melodic rock anthem, moved mostly by the groove and Christian’s vocal arrangement, while ‘100 MPH’ is the type of song that you could crank loud while driving either on a real road or a virtual one.

James Christian never forgets his fist love, and of course AOR melodies are present on the new CD.
Just listen ‘We Will Always Be One’ which is a soft and beautifully crafted ballad, and the stadium feel of ‘Call My Bluff’ that revolves around a catchy AOR melody and smooth lead vocals. It’s likely the lightest number here, very melodious all over.
The album rounds out with more of the Lords edgy melodic hard rock. ‘Ain’t Suicidal’ features some sharp guitars and a brisk pace. ‘Stand And Deliver’ also races with song largely moved by riffs and rhythm section powering the pace.

HOUSE OF LORDS - Indestructible (2015) inside

The new album from House Of Lords is pretty much what you expect from Christian & Co: very well elaborated, polished melodic hard rock songs with hooks and catchy choruses, and a bombastic (quite punchy) production.
This does not mean that “Indestructible” is more-of-the-same… although the band’s sound is maintained from the previous records, I can hear a different ‘feel’ in the approach here: James has built this album interpersing heavier tracks with melodic ones.
Then you have an edgy hard rocker followed by a melodic rocker / AORish number, and this, on the contrary of breaking the flow, results in an impactful melodious product.
“Indestructible” is one of the strongest House Of Lords album from the last fifteen years, and it’s very, Highly Recommended by this blog.

01. Go To Hell
02. Indestructible
03. Pillar Of Salt
04. 100 Mph
05. Call My Bluff
06. We Will Always Be One
07. Die To Tell
08. Another Dawn
09. Eye Of The Storm
10. Ain’t Suicidal
11. Stand And Deliver

James Christian – Lead Vocals
Jimi Bell – Guitar, Vocals
Chris McCarvill – Bass, Vocals
BJ Zampa – Drums, Vocals


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