FORGOTTEN SUNS – When Worlds Collide (2015)

FORGOTTEN SUNS - When Worlds Collide [Digipak] (2015) full


Portugal is certainly not the first choice when it comes to progressive metal, but in its small scene are FORGOTTEN SUNS, a band that have been made a name for themselves all over Europe, now touring with Arena.
On the blog we presented their very interesting recording four years ago, now Forgotten Suns are presenting their brand new work “When Worlds Collide“.

To be fair with Forgotten Suns, their music is not strictly prog metal.
I would call them Neo Progressive Rock with a strong metal edge, yet all extremely polished and with a melodious approach and a ‘friendly’ sound for the most part.

FORGOTTEN SUNS - When Worlds Collide (2015) poster

Forgotten Suns was founded in the mid-Nineties by guitarist Ricardo Falcao, starting making music in the style of Pink Floyd, Genesis and Marillion mixed with influences from Dream Theater. And you can tell that in their music, where I can hear some Fates Warning, Arena, and alike.

As said, Forgotten Suns craft their own progressive blend, at times metallic but not overly aggressive, although I must say that in the song “In Harm’s Way” (track two), while really melodic, they develop a heavy elaborated composition ruled by razor riffs.
In the opening track “The Road To Nowhere” you can appreciate what this band is all about; melodic vocals, clean guitars combined with some heavier riffs, keyboard runs, and busy rhythm section. It’s very progressive and dynamic.

FORGOTTEN SUNS - When Worlds Collide [Digipak] (2015) booklet

Then “Somewhere In the Darkness” is a calm piano based song which brings to mind Winter Rose or James LaBrie solo works, followed by the mostly mid-tempo “Fortress of Silence” (a highlight) plenty of changing tempos, keyboard flourishes and smooth vocals.
Every song has a respectable length, and you could argue that each track tells its own story on this CD, with so different (and intersting) concepts when you look at it.

Title track “When Worlds Collide” is truly progressive with an early Dream Theater atmospheres, then “Rise & Fall” show the band’s traditional Prog influences, pretty melodic.
Last cut “The Road to Nowhere Pt. II” is divided into several parts, and all are beautifully arranged. It starts very Neo Prog with lots of melody in the vein of Arena, or even TEN, later changing to a ballad mode with vintage keyboards, then ending in a tour-the-force melodic instrumental passage showcasing Forgotten Suns’ members abilities.

FORGOTTEN SUNS - When Worlds Collide [Digipak] (2015) back cover

For the most part, “When Worlds Collide” is a very entertaining new album by Forgotten Suns. There’s a lot to digest (79 min of music) though highly pleasant as the music flows easily and the clever arrangements keeps you interested.
What I like about Forgotten Suns are their skills to fuse melodic prog with prog metal passages. It’s like the first Marillion on stereoids.
“When Worlds Collide” rocks heavy but it’s very melodic all over, so not only recommended for metal heads, there’s a wide spectre of potential listeners to enjoy this very well recorded & produced disc.
STRONGLY Recommended.

1. The Road To Nowhere Pt.I
2. In Harm’s Way
3. Somewhere In The Darkness
4. Fortress Of Silence
5. When Worlds Collide
6. Rise & Fall
7. The Road To Nowhere Pt.II
7.1 The Light Behind Your Eyes
7.2 The Secret

Nio Nunes – Lead and Backing Vocals
Nuno Correia – Bass
Ricardo Falcão – Guitars
Ernesto Rodrigues – Keyboards
J.C Samora – Drums, Percussion
Tania Tavares – Vocals on ‘The Light Behind Your Eyes’
Filipa G – Cello on ‘Somewhere in the Darkness’

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