BRET MICHAELS – True Grit (2015)

BRET MICHAELS - True Grit (2015) full


Poison frontman BRET MICHAELS is a resourceful Renaissance man. From winning Celebrity Apprentice to developing a top-selling line of products for PetSmart, the veteran rocker has continued to reinvent himself through talent, hard work and a maverick entrepreneurial spirit.
His new album “True Grit“, features no less than 21 songs.

“True Grit” features a series of recent singles that Michaels has released during the last five years, new songs recorded few months ago and various Poison classics re-worked in the ‘Bret way’.
Among the songs there’s 2012′s “They Don’t Make an App For That (The App Song)” originally released on the official Bret Michaels app, and the rocking “Get Undone”.
Bret also flirted with country / Americana over the years, and you have the new cut “Girls on Bars” which is a fun crossover of these genres with rock ‘n roll. As you might expect given its title, the song finds the Poison frontman extolling the virtues of girls who dance on bars.
Michaels says: ‘We all need this type od songs. Summertime makes me think of people dancing at the bars, having fun. I think of girls on bars and guys driving fast cars. People are looking for a party after a long cold winter.’

We find also new takes on Poison most famous songs.
There’s a fine ‘classic rock’ version of “Nothin’ But A Good Time”, “Unskinny Bop” featuring horns and female backing vocals, a ‘biker’ re-work for “Talk Dirty To Me” and a revamped “Every Rose Has its Thorn,” recorded at Loretta Lynn’s Tennessee ranch and featuring guest vocals from the country icon herself.
The album also includes guest appearances by Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Gary Rossington and Rickey Medlocke, Jimmy Buffett and Rascal Flatts.

Despite of being publisized as a crossover album, “True Grit” is a rocking CD. There’s country / Americana, yes, but mostly driven by electric guitars and Bret singing with his rock-mode on.
Cool stuff ready for the Summer.

01 – Get Undone
02 – Girls On Bars
03 – A Beautiful Soul
04 – App Song
05 – Riding Against The Wind
06 – Nothing To Lose
07 – Open Road
08 – Rock’n My Country
09 – All I Ever Needed
10 – New Breed Of American Cowboy
11 – Fallen
12 – Lookin’ For A Good Time
13 – Raine
14 – Sweet Home Alabama
15 – What I Got
16 – Stay With Me
17 – Nothin’ But A Good Time (Classic Rock Version)
18 – Every Rose Has Its Thorn
19 – Unskinny Bop
20 – Something To Believe In


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