RADIOACTIVE – F4UR [Japanese Edition +1]

RADIOACTIVE - F4UR [Japanese Edition +1] full

As the title suggests, “F4UR” this is indeed album number 4 from RADIOACTIVE, the brainchild of super talented Swedish guitarist/songwriter Tommy Denander and on each album to date he has had a series of top Melodic Rock and AOR vocalists, and on this album he has the best yet!

“F4UR” is the first Radioactive album in nearly 10 years and has been recorded at different stages of the past decade.
Sadly two of the vocalists on here are no longer with us. Survivor vocalist Jimi Jamison is on top form (although to be fair he never gave anything less than 100% when singing?) on opener “Summer Rains”, a perfect melodic tune with a Survivor-like musical backing. Love the acapella start that leads nicely into the keyboards.
Former Toto / Le Roux vocalist Fergie Frederiksen is on the catchy “Back To The Game”, and unsurprisingly sounds like it came of the Frederiksen / Denander album of a few years ago. Another top tune.

Great to hear Jeff Paris again and he gets two songs, “Start All Over” is one of the best songs on the album, a classy Melodic Rock song and a familiar lyric of lost love and starting again.
Jean Beauvoir (Crown Of Thorns) is on the album’s curveball, “You’ll Find The Fire” that mixes his distinctive vocals to a electro/synth beat. Sounds strange but it works, adding variation.
The always solid James Christian sings up a storm on “Give Me Your Love”, the heaviest song on here, whilst his other half, Robin Beck, not to be outdone shines on “When Silence Gets To Loud”. Get this tune on radio and you’d have a hit, one of those pop/melodic rock crossovers that builds from a gentle start to a big, memorable chorus.

Long time musical collaborator Bobby Kimball (ex-Toto) appears on “Heart Come Alive”, which sounds like a Toto song in style (Denander is a big fan) and the keyboard arrangements in particular.
The real surprise vocalist on here is former Kansas Steve Walsh. He sings on “The Piper” and is another album highlight. Shades of Mike Slamer in the guitar and reminded me of Steelhouse Lane.

RADIOACTIVE - F4UR [Japanese Edition] (2015) cd photo

Often these musical projects can sound disjointed or there are only a few decent singers involved, not in this case with Radioactive, as each vocalist is superb and still have their vocal power in spades.
Tommy Denander of course adds in some classy guitar solos when required, the guitarist is quite happy to share the limelight with the singer on here.
Not a duff song in sight, F4UR is a real treat for Melodic Rock / AOR fans.


Rubicon Japan ~ DAKRBNCD-1186

01. Summer Rains (vocals – Jami Jamison)
02. Back To The Game (vocals – Fergie Frederiksen)
03. Beautiful Lies (vocals – Jeff Paris)
04. The Piper (vocals – Steve Walsh)
05. Alibis (vocals – David Roberts)
06. When The Silence Gets Too Loud (vocals – Robin Beck)
07. You’ll Find The Fire (vocals – Jean Beauvoir)
08. Heart Come Alive (vocals – Bobby Kimball)
09. Start All Over (vocals – Jeff Paris)
10. If Only My Memory Could Lie (vocals – Dan Reed)
11. Just A Man (vocals – Fergie Frederiksen)
12. Give Me Your Loving (vocals – James Christian)
13. Memoriam (Instrumental in memory of Bruno Denander, Fergie Frederiksen, Jimi Jamison, Gary Moore & Chris Greer)
14. Natural Born Dreamer (vocals – Jeff Paris) [Japanese bonus track]

Tommy Denander – guitars, bass & keyboards
Lars Chris – drums
Ken Sandin – bass on 6
Jimi Jamison, Jeff Paris, Robin Beck, Jean Beauvoir, James Christian, Chris Ousey, Kevin Chalfant, Simon Peyron, Tommy Denander, David Palau – backing vocals



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