NO BROS – Ready For The Action [reissue + bonus] (2015)

NO BROS - Ready For The Action [reissue + bonus] (2015) full


Two years ago we presented here Schubert In Rock, the very good project of Austrian hard rock guitarist and concert promoter Klaus Schubert, a disc featuring awesome contributions by the likes of Joe Lynn Turner, Tony Martin, Biff Byford and more.
The album featured re-recordings of Klaus ’80s band NO BROS, which released two very nice LP early in the decade and now are being reissued on CD for the first time.
This is NO BROS second album “Ready For The Action“.

Even being through a time when NWOBHM was spreading throughout, No Bros were playing a sound that mixes traditional metal with classic hard rock in a style & sound typically from the era in Europe.
The music in “Ready For The Action” is heavy and elegant in both ways, reminding us from Rainbow best moments with Graham Bonnet on vocals and some Scorpions, but with their own personality.
All songs present powerful vocals (with very good choruses), strong guitars and a fluid rhythm section, all adorned with classy keyboards from the genre.

NO BROS - Ready For The Action [reissue + bonus] (2015) inside

No Bros enjoyed moderate popularity in central Europe, with the band playing at several festivals as well, and despite recorded and published by a small label, “Ready For The Action” sounds pretty good and its production feels solid throughout.
Opener and title track “Ready for the Action” sets the mood via energetic and dynamic classic riffs, followed by the catchy “Speedy” with some Saxon in it.
The power from “Hey You (Second King of Darkness)” complete with Hammond should have been a live favorite, same with the straightforward “On Stage”, and then “We Are Stronger”, a little pompy thanks to the analog synth arrangement.

“Be My Friend” is a slow tune more than a ballad, delivering an atmosphere akin late seventies Scorpions.
But this reissue has some delicious bonus tracks: two new songs recorded only for this album, “A Night in Touch City” and “Back Again”, showing that now the band still has the same fire as before, and there’s the version of “Ready for the Action” recorded by Schubert In Rock two years ago, with Krokus’ Marc Storace on vocals.

NO BROS - Ready For The Action [reissue + bonus] (2015) back cover

This reissue of No Bros “Ready For The Action” puts under the spotlight a band with a strong potential, with cool songs and classy melodies. But after this record, Klaus Schubert decided to go for concert promotion, and the band was history.
Anyway, No Bros perform live from time to time, and the recent Schubert In Rock project proves that a rocker, always be a rocker.
Very cool stuff.

0dayrox exclusive

01 – Ready For The Action
02 – Speedy
03 – Intoxication
04 – Backstage Queen
05 – Hey You (Second King Of Darkness)
06 – On Stage
07 – We Are Stronger
08 – Please Change Your Mind
09 – Be My Friend
10 – Find Myself [brand new song]
11 – A Night In Touch City [brand new song]
12 – Back Again [brand new song]
13 – Ready For The Action [new version Schubert In Rock]

Klaus Schubert – guitars
Freddy Gigele – vocals
Nik P. Opperer – keyboards
Michael Ausserhofer – bass
Franz Heumader – drums
Marc Storace – guest vocals on 13


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