MIKE ONESKO’s GUITAR ARMY – In The Name Of Rock N’ Roll (2015)

MIKE ONESKO's GUITAR ARMY - In The Name Of Rock N' Roll (2015) full


American riffmaster MIKE ONESKO has been rocking the US since the late Seventies playing on various bands but he is mostly known as frontman of the mighty Classic Rock combo Blindside.
Now Onesko has assembled an ultimate ‘Guitar Army’ to fight the good fight and keep the true Rock flame alive in America throught its aptly entitled CD “In The Name Of Rock N’ Roll“.

MIKE ONESKO’s GUITAR ARMY consists of an unstoppable platoon of awesome special guest guitar rock soldiers in the form of Bruce Bouillet (Racer X), talented Brett Ellis, L.A. young promise Dirty Dave Osti, Martin J. Andersen (Blindstone), Janne Stark (Mountain Of Power) and a lot more.
All amazing guitarists who have joined Onesko’s Guitar Army and contributed their fierce guitar rock power to help win the war in victory at the battlefield for Keeping the Rock alive in a the USA musical mediocrity.

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“In The Name Of Rock N’ Roll” packs powerful, hard-hitting, hi-energy, heavy guitar classic rock / hard rock riffage plenty of blood and emotion. Every song is done with such feeling and energy that you can tell they had a blast making this record.
From the get go with “The Destroyer” – featuring guitarist Bruce Bouillet (Racer X) and Badlands / Racer X Jeff Martin singing (who also provide his phenomenal vocal power on several tracks) – rocks your socks off.

Then title track “In the Name of Rock N’ Roll” (featuring Brett Ellis) is simply amazing. It’s obvious Mike Onesko and his league of extraordinary axemen are taking no prisoners.
The six-string assault continues with “Keeping The Flame Alive” (featuring Dirty Dave Osti), “Nothing Can Hold Me Down” (featuring Martin J. Andersen) and the groovy “Warzone (Dogs of Doom)”.

Mike Onesko handles the vocals on a killer cover of the Zeppelin classic “Good Times, Bad Times” showing that he isn’t just a player, he’s quite a singer.
“Speed Freak” with Brett Ellis again, and “Can’t Make You Love Me” featuring guitarist extraordinaire Craig Erickson are other smoking examples of intensity displayed throughout this rocking album.
Closing out is “Child Of The Sky” (featuring Doug Rappoport), a touching heartfelt ode to the late Ronnie Montrose through this soulful blues-based slow burner filled with great solos.

MIKE ONESKO's GUITAR ARMY - In The Name Of Rock N' Roll (2015) back

Mike Onesko and his Guitar Army have delivered with this recording an energetic, rockin’, tight set of classic rock / blues based hard rock tunes performed by some the hottest guitar players on the planet, each providing his own skills & style to create the impactful kick ass record that is “In The Name Of Rock N’ Roll”.
The album’s title says it all, this CD Rocks, and it’s Highly Recommended to all fans of true Rock N’ Roll done from the heart.
Kick-Ass record.

01. THE DESTROYER (with Bruce Bouillet)
02. IN THE NAME OF ROCK N’ ROLL (with Brett Ellis)
03. KEEPING THE FLAME ALIVE (with Dirty Dave OstiI)
04. NOTHING CAN HOLD ME DOWN (with Martin J Andersen)
05. WARZONE (DOGS OF DOOM) (with Janne Stark)
06. GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES (with Jay Jesse Johnson)
07. SPEED FREAK (with Brett Ellis)
08. SACRED SUN (with Martin J Andersen)
09. CAN’T MAKE YOU LOVE ME (with Craig Erickson)
10. CHILD OF THE SKY (with Doug Rappoport)

Mike Onesko – guitars, bass, lead vocals
Jeff Martin – lead vocals
Mark Kingen – bass
John Warmouth – drums
Mike Stefanski, Scott Turner – keyboards


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